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Late night. Frisky Father Firehouse. Head Russian Mafia guy flips a wad of bills right on the street as Mitch assures him that it's "all there." I know whenever I get a wad of fifty thousand dollars I like to wear a skullcap and flip through the cash on the streets of Los Angeles. You meet new people that way. HRM says he'll help Mitch unload the truck, but that's all. Mitch says that they need to reinstall the fixtures because there's a buyer coming in the next night. "If he sees this place looking like, uh...greater Cos-oh-vo, he's gonna walk." HRM laughs appropriately and says that they'll need the money up front before they'll do any more work for him. Mitch, who isn't gifted in the powers of Center of the Universedom, tries to say that he's not going to be extorted without the police being involved. HRM makes to leave without unloading the truck. Mitch backs down and tells them to just unload it and he'll install everything himself. They do. He asks where Mitch got the money. Mitch just tells him to empty the truck.

Cam pulls Slutgirl up to her house. She asks what's wrong with him: "You haven't said two words to me all night." He says: "I'll give you three. You. Used. Me." She's all, "Come on," and he says that she obviously wanted to walk in on someone's arm and then wanted to flit around all night: "Me being there was like, what? A formality?" She says that she went out to have fun and that's exactly what she did. She says that the reason she liked Cameron was because he was fun and laidback and wasn't all demanding on her. She asks what's up with him lately. He says he doesn't know. Well, he goes, "I don't know...I don't know," which shows how much he's really, really hurting deep, deep inside. "Maybe you're right, maybe I'm, uh, maybe I'm just overreacting." She says he just needs "a little special attention." He says the no that means yes as she starts necking with him and of course he can't resist Slutgirl's powers of seduction. She wonders what the little lever under the seat does and drops the seats back. All the way back, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. Aw, yeah. Let me get some action from the slut section.

Kenny is back in his bathroom washing his face or something. We go into hallucination mode as Kenny hears Cam tell the kidney story again as Kenny sees it reenacted. I'm not going to bother, but really the moment when he sees his cut kidney (on his stomach!) is hysterical. It's like someone wrote on his tummy with a Sharpie. And the cut is all "stitched" with other Sharpie markings. I've seen scarier scars on Are You Afraid of the Dark? Kenny wakes up and checks his belly for scars. Nope. Appendix is right where he left it. The clock tells us it's 4:15 as Kenny hears a car pull up. He walks over to the window ("Hi, kids! It's me! The iBook! I get more screen time than Elizabeth! Whee!") Kenny looks out the window and sees Mitch walking in. Because they think we're stupid we hear Kenny voice-over, "Dad's just getting home? What's going on?" The sensitive oboe ushers Kenny back into sweetbread dreams.

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