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Elizabeth is at a teller booth making a deposit into "her granddaughter's college fund." Since everyone waits around in their lives for moments with the Greens, this teller knows exactly what granddaughter and what fund this woman is talking about and pulls up the account immediately. A huge box appears on the teller's monitor that says, "Balance: $0.00 ACCOUNT CLOSED." She tells Elizabeth that the account has been closed. Elizabeth says that there's some sort of mistake. The teller says she's sorry but there isn't. Mary walks up to Elizabeth at that moment and Liz tells her that she's all finished up. They walk off.

Mitch is hanging a sign in the Frisky Father Firehouse. It boldly states that the restorations were completed March 1, 2000. Elizabeth teleports over and states that she just came from the bank. She has her angry scarf on. Mitch exhales and says that he can explain. Elizabeth says she hopes he can because she doesn't like keeping secrets from Mary. "So let's hear this fabulous explanation as to how come you can clean out your daughter's college fund." That's wordy. Maybe Elizabeth gets paid by the word. Mitch says he can't sell the place in the condition that it's in and if he doesn't sell it they could lose the house. Elizabeth is stunned. Mitch says that Meghan's college fund is the last thing they need to be worried about. Probably because she isn't planning on going to college? He says that if he can convince Tom to buy he can have Meghan's money back in two weeks. Elizabeth says that it's a shame he didn't let Mary in on all of this "drama." He says he was waiting for something positive first. "Subtlety isn't working," Elizabeth says. "I'll be clearer. If you don't tell Mary, I will." "Don't do that," Mitch tries to demand on the woman whose womb created the undisputed center of reality and all things righteous. "I don't keep secrets from my daughter," Elizabeth snots. Mitch asks for one more day. "I'm through making promises," Elizabeth says as she walks out the door. Mitch moves the sign a bit and it falls off the wall and shatters on the ground. A piece of the symbolism flies through my television and into my mouth, cutting the roof and forcing me to cry endlessly. Mitch doesn't even apologize to me as he lowers his head and the sensitive oboe waltzes in with the fade to white.

School Without Classes. "Ugh, why is everybody in my life so fascinated with my brother?" Poor Meghan. The first episode that doesn't revolve around her. She must be dying inside. Clay and Meghan debate the merits of Slutgirl giving Cameron distance. Meghan insists that Cam isn't very serious about her, but Clay has his doubts. "If anybody's gonna get hurt, it's Jodie." The Center of the Universe II has spoken.

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