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Greens Only Staircase. Cam puts a necklace around Slutgirl's neck. She asks what it is. He says he'd never bought her anything before and he figured maybe it was time. "Jewelry's always cool," she says, with a "You freak stalker!" look. She says it's "sweet," and kisses him on the cheek and walks off. Cam looks like a puppy left in the rain.

Ugh. Back at the firehouse. Mitch is on the phone trying to get something accomplished, but the person on the other line has to bowl. I don't know. That's what he said. As Mitch calls someone else, Kenny walks in with a bag. What day is it? Why does this kid not have to be in school? What kind of parenting is this? Kenny hears Mitch call "Ted" about needing some workers that evening and that he'll "pay for the strippers." As Mitch hangs up the phone Kenny asks what happened to the firehouse. Mitch says he's just getting some extra work done. Customizing for the new buyer, blah, blah, blah big-fat-fatty-liarcakes. Kenny says he thought it was done. Mitch keeps trying to change the subject but Kenny keeps bringing it up until Mitch gets mad at Kenny and basically tells him to shut up. Kenny goes to leave and Mitch apologizes. He asks Kenny what's bothering him. Kenny offers to help, but Mitch says he's fine and that Kenny needs to leave it alone. The soft piano convinces Kenny to leave it alone. He asks if Mitch will be home for dinner. Mitch says he'll see him later. Kenny turns back around in the shadow to say, "I love you." "I love you, too," Mitch says, near tears. Kenny walks out the door. Mitch sits down and has himself a good cry. Kenny, of course, walks right back in and watches his dad cry. Instead of going over to him, he just leaves again.

What's a girl to do when she the episode doesn't revolve entirely around her alone? She plays a little Sonic the Hedgehog, of course. Cam gives her tips about what's coming up on Sonic's adventure and sits down on the coffee table in front of her. Cam tries to bring up the subject of Slutgirl, but Meghan really prefers to talk about herself more than anybody else, so she gets pissed. (And if you're gonna be pissy, use the gaming system all the cool kids use. Sega Dreamcast. For when you know your show is almost cancelled and they still haven't let you tell everyone that you're pregnant.) They snap at each other for a bit until Cam says that he thinks about Slutgirl "day and night" and wants to know if it's the same for her. "So, you really care about her?" Meghan asks. Cam says he wouldn't come crawling to her if he weren't desperate. There is an extreme close-up on Meghan as she says, "I, I really wish I knew what to say, Cam, but I think you better to Jodie." He says it isn't that easy. Meghan says that Slutgirl is a "force of nature. Unpredictable." And, "I love the girl, but I would hate to be the guy dating her." Somewhere Slutgirl is all, "Vice versa, right back atcha, girlie." Meghan continues: "Without going into too many gory details, her relationship with her dad is...pretty ugly. She's got some serious trust issues with guys, you know like, it to them first? That's why I was so...freaked out by you and her as a couple [sic]. I was afraid that you would get tired of her and really hurt her bad [sic]. I never in a million years would have thought that --" "I would fall for her," Cam finishes. The background music is trying to butt in. It's so loud that I cover my ears. "Basically." Cam looks down and takes a good swallow before he says, "Maybe I'm unpredictable, too." Hey, that word has five syllables! Rock on, Cam.

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