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Ferret walks out of her house and sees Clay sitting on his car. She tucks her hair and calls his name. They start walking down the street. He says that they're really overdue for a talk. He's sorry they didn't stay friends after the breakup. He says that he misses talking to her about his problems and her talking to him about hers. "You know," she says. "Amy, I'm so sorry," he offers. Ferret is outraged that Mary told him. She figures out that Meghan must know too. "Does the whole school know?" she pouts. "Of course not. We're all worried about you. That's why I'm here. To see if I can help." Ferret scoffs and says the real reason he's there is to see if he's safe. He says that's not fair. I don't know why they're shooting this scene in extreme close-ups under the actors' chins, but they are, and I find myself lifting my head to try and see their faces while they talk, instead of their necks and chins. "For all I know, I got it from you," Ferret says to Clay. She walks off. Clay stands around for the mandatory Stare and Exhale.

"What are you doing here?" Slutgirl asks Kenny. They are at The Pit. There are a bunch of girls in black skirts and black sports bras behind Kenny. Whatever. Kenny stammers that he's waiting for Cam. Slutgirl is in her leopard print atrocity again. With fringe. Kenny asks her about Taylor. He says he thinks she might want him to help her cheat. He says she didn't really ask, but since she's out of his league, it makes sense that she'd just be using him. Slutgirl says that she can tell Kenny that ninety percent of the students at that school cheat, or she can tell him that "cheating is wrong and it causes blindness," but she thinks that she'll just act like she's Meghan and tell him that if the girl only wanted him for cheating on a test, then she's not really worth the time. Oh, the sports bra girls are the wait staff. Whatever. Not my bus boy. He was dreamy. Kenny thanks Slutgirl as Cam sits down. They stare for a few seconds and then she leaves. Kenny asks Cam if that was "sexual tension." Cam says that was more the "I'm so over you and I have nothing to say to you" tension.

World's Largest Kitchen. Meghan is dialing for her test results as Mitch and Mary hold hands at the table, and Elizabeth stands at her groove worn in front of the counter. As Meghan is on hold, we pan around the family members. Elizabeth has her hand over her face in absolute horror. Meghan thanks the doctor and gets off the phone. She walks into the other part of the kitchen and says, "I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay." Group hug with the spinny-cam. Everyone hugs everyone. Quick fade to white.

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