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Testy, aren't we?

World's Largest Dining Room Table. Everyone is pretending they like the Pasta Primavera, but they hate it, and eventually they decide to order a pizza instead. As Kenny goes to order, Meghan says she has an announcement to make. "I found out that I've been named valedictorian." Everyone is so damn happy. Mitch says that this has turned into a celebration and that he wants double sausage and cheese. That's the Green way, friends. It doesn't matter who has good news or bad news or whatever, it's about how you feel and what you want in response to it. Meghan gets the attention back immediately, of course, to say that she's not finished with her announcement. "Um, wow. Um. The past few days have been really intense. And, it's forced me to look long and hard at my future, but the only problem was I've been avoiding mine. I was assuming it'd be there. But there are no guarantees. For any of us. This past year I've been saying no to a lot of things, but not anymore. It's. It's time to start saying yes. Mom. Dad. I'm going to college." Everyone is even happier. Mary has won. Meghan has won. She has her attention. She announces that she looked through the choices that Principal Foreshadowing gave her and she is going to study abroad with UCLA next semester and go to Barcelona. Mary looks a bit upset about it being so far away, and takes the focus for a second. She says that she always wanted to see Spain. Meghan swipes the focus back again by saying that Mary can visit all the time. Mary declares that she indeed will. They all hug. Kenny and Cam toast. Music plays. Meghan and Mitch hug. As Mitch sits down and wipes his eye, we see a small drop of blood land on his placemat. Check out how a real Green Member steals focus. He's a master. He rubs his head, rubs his eye and squints. Elizabeth makes a comment to Mitch about Meghan going to college is "less stress already." He laughs and asks if she's going to pay for it. Oh, right. Meghan doesn't know that her college fund went into Tom Arnold's firehouse. D'oh! But that's a battle for a different time. This is Mitch's moment. Elizabeth stops smiling and tells Mitch that his nose is bleeding. There is blood pouring out of Mitch's nose. More blood drops onto the placemat. Meghan looks shocked. He puts his napkin up to it as all good times cease at the dinner table and everyone asks if Mitch is okay. He says that he's fine, and that it's just a nosebleed, and that he's going to go wash his face. He stands and turns and in a slow motion shot, he falls to the ground, taking all of the plates and glasses with them. They crash on the ground as the Green family rushes to his side and Mitch lays motionless on the dining room floor. Fade to white. End of episode.

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