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Testy, aren't we?

Would the Red Cross really send you a letter like that? I'm just asking. I don't know. That doesn't seem like something that you just send a letter off for. Seems pretty insensitive of the Red Cross, who handle human drama every single day.

Ferret and Mary are still staring at each other as the boss asks Mary if she knows Ferret. Mary says that she and her daughter are friends as Ferret grabs her things and starts to walk off. Mary tries to order Ferret to stay, since she's the Center of the Universe and all, but Ferret really doesn't want to talk to Mary. At this point, Mary should pull herself from the case, but she's not going to, because she's Mary God Damn Green God Dammit. Ferret says that this was all a mistake. They are now standing in a circle in front of tons of other kids, but they apparently can't hear anything. The boss tells Ferret that she did the right thing by coming to the clinic. Mary says, "Don't leave." One of the extras stands right up and walks off. Ha. Mary tells Ferret that the counselors are some of the best and that they can offer her support. Ferret says she didn't want anyone to know about this. The boss says that no one has to know until she's ready. "Our clinic has a strict confidentiality policy," she says. "Mary couldn't discuss your case with her daughter even if she wanted to." If? If? Boss Lady's got a lotta learnin' to do. And "your case?" That sounds terrible. Like this is all about Mary's family and not what Ferret is going through. Mary grabs Ferret by the shoulder and leads her back into the Cubicle of Loose Lips. Mary should drop this case right now. Right. Now.

Cubicle of Non-Confidentiality. Ferret asks to see one of the doctors at the clinic. Mary says that she can, but first they need to talk about some things. Mary tells Ferret that she has to tell her parents "about [her] condition." Ferret says she's eighteen, and that she doesn't have to tell them anything. She says she's not even going to get sick for a while. Mary says that she needs to go on the "drug cocktails" immediately, and without her parents' insurance she can't afford them. Boss-Lady grabs Ferret's hand and says she knows they've "covered a lot of ground here" but that she still has one important thing to talk about. She tells Ferret that she needs to notify all of her past partners as soon as possible so they can be tested as well. Ferret gives a "shut up" glare to Mary. She shakes her head, "I can't." Boss-Lady says that she can't delay this. Ferret cries and says she understands how important it is, but that she can't tell them. "I just can't tell them. Not yet. Not now." The Boss-Lady keeps holding Ferret's hand and telling her it's okay. It's so not okay with Mary, yo. The oboe hasn't stopped for like ten minutes now. Ferret wipes her eyes and looks upward. The oboe hits a note so strong my left ear bleeds, just a bit.

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