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Testy, aren't we?

I need a shower. I'm a terrible person.

Pop Quiz, Get Real fans: Mary just got home from her "bad day." What does she do with her Ferret situation?

  1. Keep it to herself, as that's THE LAW.
  2. Try and call Ferret at home and see if she's doing okay, offer some more advice and try and convince her to talk to her parents.
  3. Go through Meghan's room for Clay's phone number and go to his house and tell him he may have killed her daughter.
  4. Wait to discuss things calmly with Meghan.
  5. Tell her mother and Mitch, who can't really do anything, but just add to more people knowing about Ferret's situation, and just break the law all over the place so she can stress longer about her very special situation.

If you said "E," you've been paying attention. Thanks.

Elizabeth asks Mary what she's going to say to Megan. Mitch says that have to tell her. Elizabeth says that don't have to tell her "who" but she should know. Mary says Meghan'll figure it out. Mary reminds them that she's "breaking the law" just by talking to them about it. Mitch and Elizabeth are all law-schmaw. "We're the fucking Green family! There is no law in this house. Hell, we call the law when we're good and ready for them to take our family members and not a moment sooner."

Meghan sits in her room and goes through the pamphlets. There's a knock at the door, so she hides them under a pillow. Mary brings Meghan some tea and takes a deep breath. She says that she had a rough day. That a young girl came into the crisis center and found out she was HIV positive. "Maaaaan. I can't imagine," Meghan offers. Mary reminds Meghan that kids her age are testing positive all the time and that she's in a high-risk category. She asks if Meghan has ever considered getting tested. Meghan says there's no reason to. Mary says that if she were Meghan she'd probably do it for the peace of mind. Megan tells Mary that's because she stresses about things all of the time. "I guess working at a crisis center hasn't made it any easier, huh?" she says with a smile. Oh, Mother Mary. What would we do without your wisdom? She asks if Meghan would get tested just for her own peace of mind. Meghan says there's nothing to worry about because she's only been with Clay. Mary interrupts with too much strain to say that she really needs Meghan to do this. Meghan asks why. Mary says it's because she's asking her to, and isn't that enough? Meghan says that if there was a reason to get tested she would, but that she's only been with Clay. Her "first and only." She tells Mary to trust her. Mary asks if Meghan was Clay's first. Meghan kinda laughs and says that no, he and Ferret...Meghan trails off and realizes what Mary is telling her. They stare at each other for a few minutes as the piano fills in the dramatic tension. Meghan stammers and asks if the girl was Ferret. Mary doesn't say anything. "Oh my God. No. No!" Mary gets closer to Meghan and puts her hands on Meghan as she gets upset. Mary says that she wouldn't have told her that but she "believes" that Ferret wasn't planning on telling any of her past partners. She tells Meghan that her and Clay need to be tested as soon as possible. Meghan says she saw Ferret yesterday and she was ordering her cap and gown. "Amy is not sure when she was infected. That means it affects Clay. And that means that it affects you." She tells Meghan that she has to tell Clay, and that they both need to get tested. Meghan gulps and nods her head. Mary tells her they can go to the clinic tonight, and that it's open late. There's an oral test they can do that's fast and reliable. Meghan nods and says, "All right. Okay." Mary cocks her head to the side and thinks, "I'm so good at my job. I can even counsel my daughter. I rule." She hugs the visibly frightened Meghan.

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