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The Distance

Ugh. I just did a recap of one of these three nights ago. I feel like Meghan's second-ditched best friend. Yeah, I don't remember her name either. I'm drinking beer on an empty stomach, so lets see if that helps. Don't try this at home kids. Mommy's a professional.

Previously on Get Real: Cameron got expelled. Cameron went to alternative school for one day but was a big baby about it. Months and months ago Kenny kissed Rebecca and then she had to move and they said goodbye in the rain. Kenny met a deaf girl who invited him to a dance. Clay loves Meghan and so she gives it up for him. They change her line from "And I love you for saying that" to "And I love you." Wow. I hardly had to change that at all from last week's "previously."

Well, when Mom witnesses a murder committed by her "best friend" after he holds them up at gunpoint, Son #1 gets beaten up by bullies because he's been expelled for crimes, Son #2 almost dies of meningitis but never bothers to go back and see if his new best friend came out of her coma, and Kiss-Ass Daughter just popped her cherry, what does the Green family do to celebrate? You got it: they go to a carnival. Someone put Elizabeth in a kicky denim jacket number and some red, wide-collared-Darryl-Hannah-in-Steel Magnolias thing. Meghan is holding hands with Clay. The rest of the family walks with them. They look like a mob. Rebecca is there as well. They ride the Ferris wheel. Mitch wins at the ball-rolling game. Cameron and Elizabeth scream and laugh as they go down a spinny-slide. This really does sound like I'm making it up, but I'm not.

Kenny, Rebecca and Cam eat cotton candy. Cam asks Rebecca when she's going back to San Francisco. She says Wednesday. Kenny says that he thought she was going back sooner, but he sounds a bit disappointed. She goes to be flirty with him, but he dodges back from her and looks a bit disgusted by her. Kenny, dude, you're the one waking up from a coma and offering her a sponge bath.

Kenny wins at the ring toss. "Nice one, buddy!" we hear a voice-over say too loudly. Another uncomfortable hug between Rebecca and Kenny. Oh, that's funny. The barker's t-shirt says "St. Ann Carnival." Saint. Ann. Saintann. Why don't I heed the warning signs? Rebecca chooses the large dinosaur from the stuffed animals and for some reason the barker hands it to her and says "Green Dino." "No, she can see, it's my other girlfriend who's deaf," I expect Kenny to say. Cue another uncomfortable hug, but this time Rebecca notices it. She takes the dinosaur and holds it in front of her face. She makes the dinosaur ask Kenny if something is wrong. Kenny grabs the dinosaur back and says that something is. He tells her that he's "kinda seeing someone." She says, "Oh." "Yeah, you don't have to sound so surprised," he says. Why not? She was the only one who came to see him in the hospital. She says she's not surprised and walks off. She hands Kenny the dinosaur and says that maybe he should give it to his girlfriend. Check this: Kenny says, "It's not like we're serious. I mean... she's deaf." He then stammers a bit and tries to rephrase it a few times until Rebecca spares him the embarrassment. Rebecca says she'd like to meet her. She'd like to know who's in his life. He says that he cares about her too and then hands her back the dinosaur and actually says, "You know what? Go ahead and keep it. I'm sure Kimberly wouldn't mind." Thanks a lot, jag.

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