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The Distance

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The Distance

Meghan sneaks in and as she passes the living room Mary flicks on the light by the chair she's sitting in. Glenn Close much? Meghan asks Mary not to tell Mitch that she went to go see Clay. Well, tells her, anyway. Mary says she can't make any promises. Meghan says she knows that Mary must think he's wrong. "How can you take his side like this?" Mary says she's not taking sides. Meghan gives an eye-roll and goes off to bed. Mary looks after her for a while.

Cameron plays basketball and Kenny walks in. When do these people sleep? What day is it? Kenny asks if anyone called because he left messages for Kimberly and she left the dinner early saying she didn't feel well. Cam laughs and says he bets she didn't. He tells Kenny not to act like "a player" because it doesn't fit him. Kenny says he isn't. Cam says that Kenny should just keep being nice to Rebecca and nice to Kimberly "and everybody else in the Kenny G. love club." Meghan walks in, tripping off the five-note jingle. She sits on the bed and Kenny says he's never seen their dad so angry at her before. Meghan tells them she doesn't want to talk about it. Then Cam gets all serious and PSAish and says, "Look, I know how it is here with the whole sex thing." Kenny says he doesn't know. Cam says that they are here for Meghan. Meghan says she's sure Cam has bigger problems. Kenny asks if he does. Meghan says that Slutgirl told her about Principal Foreshadowing. Check this crappy dialogue: Cam: "Bybee used to be cool. He used to look out for me. Then he turns me out and stabs me in the back. After all Mom and Dad did to get me reinstated back into school." Kenny: "Did you just hear yourself?" Cam: "What?" Meghan: "All the word that Mom and Dad have done. What have you done, Cam?" They all stare for a long time.

Kenny shows up at Kimberly's house and asks why she didn't return her calls. Kimberly calls him stupid. He's all trying to get in her house, but she doesn't want him there. That and it's like, how late? He says he didn't want to hurt Rebecca's feelings. She asks if it's then okay to hurt hers. He says of course it isn't and that wasn't what he was trying to do. She tells Kenny to choose between her and Rebecca. Kenny says that Rebecca is only there one more day and then she won't be a factor. Kim says that's not true and shuts the door. You know, this would have been a good scene if it weren't for the terrible background music. The signing and the script were actually pretty decent. Of course, this was only a two-minute scene.

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