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The Distance

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The Distance

The big American Flag of Expelled Playa Injustice is lowered on the campus. It's like the afternoon and sunny or something. Cameron storms across the school grounds. He runs up to Principal Foreshadowing, who really doesn't want to talk to him. Attention Fashion Police! Attention! Cameron Green is wearing a powder blue turtleneck and a vest! Please report to your stations immediately! And what day is it? Cam asks for five minutes. PF says he's wasting their time. As the bell rings, Cam says that he's not leaving. Call the police.

Mitch is at his "If the firehouse is rocking, don't come knocking." Clay walks in and asks if he can talk to Mitch about Meghan. I'm so damn bored. Mitch says he's not really sure that Clay should "go there." And with that, I'm not even bothering with the After School Special scene here. You don't care and I don't care. So all you need to know is Clay tells Mitch that he loves Meghan. I can't believe he doesn't start with the "I never had a dad" thing, but he doesn't. It ends with Mitch telling Clay that he won't help this situation by whatever he is going to say. Clay retorts with the, "But whatever you say will make a difference." We watch Mitch stare off into the air for a while and fade to white to commercial.

I take this opportunity for a nap.

Do you think would let me warn the world about Get Real? I guess they don't need the warning.

Oh, Captain, my Captain. Cameron is standing in the rain on the empty campus. A woman looks through the window and sighs. She tells Principal Foreshadowing that it's raining. He says he brought an umbrella. She says he shouldn't just let him stand there and get pneumonia. Cameron looks up at the rain and for a second I'm reminded of how turkeys don't understand rain and they often look up at it and drown. It doesn't happen here, so no matter how dumb Cameron may be for thinking that standing in the rain should excuse a felony, at least he's a bit smarter than turkeys.

Kenny has invited Rebecca over to talk. Wasn't she supposed to be gone? Kenny is wearing a plaid Oxford and a knit sweater vest. How is it possible that he's got two girlies at once? Kenny says that sometimes him and Kim go online late at night and discuss the possibility of an asteroid hitting the earth in their lifetime. Rebecca laughs. He says he knows it's crazy, but he never thought he'd meet someone with the same obsessions. I know, I know. Shut up. I have to keep recapping. I know. He says that he feels good when he's with her, but he didn't want to tell Rebecca that "for some stupid reason." Rebecca says he didn't want to hurt her feelings. Kenny says he went and hurt everyone's. Rebecca says she doesn't know why she wanted to meet Kim. "I guess maybe I was just a little bit jealous." That and you flew all the way here for him because he was dying. Kenny walks over to Rebecca and says, "Kimberly's my girlfriend. I don't think I made that clear enough before." Not to any of us, dude. Rebecca says he's making it clear now. And say it with me, "Now I know where I stand. But I don't know if Kimberly knows where she stands." Kenny asks what he should do. Rebecca says he should go now and let her know.

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