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The Distance

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The Distance

Cam is wet. I am asleep. Principal Foreshadowing is working.

Mary and Mitch are in some building moving things around and building a shelf. What day is it? Mitch tells Mary that Clay came by. He says that he doesn't understand what he thought he'd accomplish by that. Mary says he wouldn't. "What's that supposed to mean?" "At least he tried." When Mary got pregnant they didn't see Mitch again until the wedding rehearsal and even then he cut out right afterwards. What an asshole. "You were scared to death of my father." He said they just had nothing to say to each other. She says he had plenty to say to Mitch. "Hey, I can remember being seventeen and in love with a pretty girl." He says he doesn't hate Clay but he doesn't want to be pals. Mary says the father-boyfriend relationship is difficult. Then she tells Mitch that Meghan snuck out the night before to see Clay. She tells Mitch that he's being too hard on her and that he's driving her away. "Mitch, do you remember how long it took for my father to forgive me?" Mary sits down. NO! NO! I refuse to type any of this dialogue! My ears! My ears! My pretty, pretty eyes! NO! Mary's dad didn't forgive her until he was dying, okay? That's it! That's all I'll recap! I can't take the oboe! I can't take that leprechaun thing she does when she cracks a joke with a wee smile and cock of the head! Next scene!

Rain. Cameron. No rain in last scene, but whatever. Principal Foreshadowing walks out with his umbrella and says that his secretaries are accusing him of being sadistic. He gives Cam one minute to talk. Cam stays quiet for thirty seconds and then speaks. Okay, no. Listen. I want you to share my pain. You have to be here too, so I'm just going to make you read everything that was said in this scene because it's incredibly bad and I can't believe that anyone would expect me to believe that standing in the rain and then giving some crap-ass pissy speech should excuse a federal offense. You listen to it. Take this. "Okay. What I did was totally wrong. And I'm sorry for that. That's... that's something I didn't get before but now I do." PF: "And what brought on this change of heart?" Cam: "Reality? I, I don't deserve to be in that Juvi Hall of a continuation school. I deserve to be in a real school with real teachers. And you know that, that Russian guy that wrote, uh, 'Let the punishment fit the crime?'" PF: "Dostoyevski?" Cam: "Yeah. He was right. I, I deserve to be punished for what I did. All I'm saying is, um, does this punishment really fit? Come on, Mister Bybee! Man, you know me. You used, you used to believe in me. And I think that I just made you so mad you forgot about that whole thing. Is my time up yet?" PF: "Almost." Cam: "I guess I just want to say that...I know the bottom line. You were there for me and I let you down. It's not gonna happen again. I'm done." PF: "It was Gilbert. W. S. Gilbert wrote 'Let the punishment fit the crime.' Dostoyevski wrote Crime and Punishment. What the hell do they teach you in that continuation school, anyway?" Cam: "Chemistry. You know, like how to make a crystal meth lab in your garage." Oh, it's fun to laugh at the less fortunate, isn't it? PF walks in and Cam calls him. PF tells Cam that his speech was a "self-absorbed rationalization for bad behavior." Word. But then he screws it all up by saying, "I'm letting you back in because anyone dumb enough to stand in the rain and risk pneumonia needs an education." He goes on to say something about not disappointing him but Cam's all "blah, blah, blah, I'm so getting laid again! Woo-hoo!" Principal Foreshadowing throws his umbrella at Cam and says that the apology is accepted. Cam gives a "yes."

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