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The Distance

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The Distance

Flashback Mitch watches Flashback Meghan on the carousel with Andy. She smiles. He smiles. The gospel singers tell me that it's almost over. And then, just like that, it is.

PSA for Next week Slutgirl and Cameron might hook up, but it looks like Slutgirl is interested in someone else. Meghan gets attacked by a son of a family friend and then Clay beats him up and Mary wants to know "what the hell is going on."

I need to go put out the fires I started all over my living room now. And get really sloppy drunk and forget that I've only got until Wednesday to enjoy my life. Oh, wait. Monday I've got to recap Billy and that brain tumor for Ally McBeal. Oh, well. It's almost summer, right? Right? Hello? Is anyone still there? Hello?

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Get Real




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