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The Distance

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The Distance

Clay shows up and tries to make Cool Dude Small Talk with Mitch about the Lakers and stuff, but Mitch is giving Clay the "You Fucked My Daughter" brush-off. After a few uncomfortable moments, Clay asks if Meghan is around. Mitch says that she's in her room and that he can go and get her. Clay says not to bother. "I know where to go." Mitch gives the "I know you do" look as Clay walks off.

God, I'm so bored.

Clay says hello to Mary at the bottom of the spiral staircase and she gives him an uncomfortable greeting back. Clay walks up the stairs and Mary watches him go.

Back down at A Watched Grill Never Broils, Mitch watches Meghan and Clay hug through the window of her bedroom. No curtains for this girl?

Rebecca asks Kenny how long he and Kimberly have been going out. Kenny says he wouldn't know if he would call it "going out." "It's more like seeing each other." He looks to Kimberly for agreement. Nope. Nothing from her. Rebecca gives the, "He touched my boob" look as she sits back.

Mitch is still watching Clay and Meghan who are still hugging. Mary pops her head in and sees Peeping Mitch and sighs with a look like, "Okay, this is getting creepy."

Rebecca tells Kimberly that she and Kenny are going to the beach tomorrow to go rollerblading. Kimberly gives Kenny a look. Kenny asks if she wants to come. Kim says she thought they were going to the mall tomorrow. Kenny tells Rebecca (who came here from another city because he was dying, by the way) that he did make plans with Kimberly. Rebecca acts like it's no big deal that she just got dissed. Kimberly is still giving Kenny the "I don't have to hear this to know what's going on here" look. Kenny squints.

Clay and Meghan have disappeared from the window. Mitch still watches anyway.

Clay sits on the floor and says he can't believe they knew the whole time he was talking to them before. He makes to go, but Meghan says that her mom was cool about it. Clay says he doubts that. Meghan says it's been "a little awkward." She then orders him to sit down and she says that and it was her mother that she was worried about. They begin kissing and this weird porno music takes over.

Mitch stares at an open window. Flash to white and Mitch imagines Clay and Meghan standing in front of her bedroom mirror. Clay kisses Meghan's neck from behind and Meghan watches herself in the mirror. It's all white and hazy. Ew! This Daddy-imagining-his-daughter-in-Eyes-Wide-Shut moment is completely creeping me out. Mitch looks at the empty window. Another flash of white, and he imagines Meghan and Clay making out. Ick. Meghan lifts up her shirt. Ih! Empty window. Mitch leans back to try to get a better view but he can't see anything. He walks towards the house. Mary is still standing there after all this time, apparently just watching him watch the window and she tries to stop him from going inside. "What are you gonna do?" she asks. "What can I do?"

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