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The Distance

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The Distance

Meghan and Clay are kissing on her bed. Mitch walks in and interrupts them. Awkward moment where Clay and Meghan look guilty and move away from each other. Mitch tells Clay he's going to have to go home. Meghan says, "Why? We, um, we haven't eaten yet." Huh-huh. And for full effect, she starts tugging the front of her shirt down, as if it had been pushed up. "I don't think I have to explain why I don't want my daughter alone in a room with a boy," Mitch says. Clay says that he should go. "No, no, you don't have to. Dad!" Mitch says goodbye to Clay. Meghan continues to tell people what they can and cannot do, but Clay moves to go. Meghan wipes some drool from her chin, which is really funny. Meghan asks why Mitch is acting like they were doing something wrong. "We were kissing." "Well, last time I checked, you didn't need a prescription for kissing." Ooh, burn. Then they both start talking at the same time, so bear with me. Mitch says that she took advantage of their trust. Meghan says she didn't. Mitch says it has to stop. Meghan says that Mitch is wrong. "Dad! You are wrong!" Meghan smiles and then screeches, "What is your problem?" "My problem? I seem to be losing control over everything in this house, starting with you." He grounds her for three weeks and then leaves the room. Meghan gives the door a good slam. Fade to white. Commercial.

Okay, just a second here. Cameron has girlies sleeping over at his house from the first episode and he's a year younger than Meghan and it's okay? Kenny can date two girls at once and talk about giving one of them a sponge bath in front of his family and it's okay? Is it just that Meghan belongs to the men of the Green family and only they can sexually fantasize about her, watch her bathe or grope her hands in the hallway? What the hell is going on here? Why am I trying to mix logic and reason into this show? Why do I care? Why am I still making recaps for this show that we thought would have been gone in December? Why am I helping the ratings by watching this thing and having you guys read it? Why? What did I do to deserve this? You know, even Wing ditched me on these recaps. She passed them off to toenail because the whole damn show was just so nauseating. I don't even have Wing to suffer with me anymore. It's just me and Kisle, and wigbee and that's it [I'm heartened to know that pamie doesn't worry about my suffering - Toenail].

Well, no one ever ate, but the party is apparently over. Mitch and Mary clear the table. (Now all of a sudden Mitch helps out with the chores?) Mitch asks where Meghan is. Mary says she's still in her room. Mitch says she's probably "sticking pins in the Daddy Voodoo doll." Mary says that wouldn't be so wrong of her to do. The use of the word "Daddy" is really starting to give me the shivers, here. Mary says that Mitch was a bit harsh.

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