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Tough Love

Previously on Get Real: Cam got expelled. The Christmas card Mitch sent his mom got returned. Clay's dad took off after he and his mother were in a car accident.

We open with Cam playing basketball in front of his house. He makes every shot. Mitch gets out of his shower. So does Mary. Mitch says good morning. She makes the "you can say that again" joke. Those kids don't stop, do they? Much kissing while Mitch stands there naked and wet. Cameron makes another basket. Mitch looks at him out the window and complains that Cam's expulsion is like a vacation. The unemployed mom and the work-from-home dad are covered in fresh sex complaining that their son is taking things too easy? Isn't it, like, noon? Mary points out that Cam isn't really expelled yet since they have a meeting in front of the school board soon. Mary gives a smile because she knows the Center of the Universe, Sr. can put a stop to this insanity. She tells Mitch that he can't stay mad at Cam forever. Mitch says it's getting "harder and harder" to find the good kid in Cameron. Cam makes another basket.

Back at the School Without Classes, Meghan and Slut Girl watch Clay run laps. At least no one is losing any exercise with this whole "I'm expelled / You're not expelled" thing. Meghan yells to Clay to "pick it up" and Clay looks at Meghan while jumping hurdles just like Danny looked at Sandy in Grease. No, really. The shot is exactly the same. He says something about her motivating him and Slut Girl begins to gag: "God. I think I liked you two better when you couldn't be together and you were miserable and pitiful. I need a cigarette." I hear ya, Slut Girl. She leaves. "He's quite a runner," says a man standing beneath Meghan. She tells him that Clay will be taking a break soon so he can chat with him then. Meghan assumes he's a recruiter, but he says he isn't. "He gave you his medallion," the man says. "Yeah!" Meghan chirps, and begins playing with the Cracker Jack prize on a string. "His dad gave it to him when..." Meghan uses her Green powers of Omniscience to declare that this man is Clay's father. She charges towards him and he tells her not to tell Clay she saw him. She says that he'd want to talk to him. "No, he wouldn't," says Creepy Bad Dad, and he walks off into the shadows. If you didn't want to be recognized, CBD, perhaps you shouldn't have talked about the damn medallion. It's like no one in this show has an inner monologue.

Elizabeth takes Cameron's bottle of orange juice out of his hand and pours it into a glass while she tells him she needs some help with some boxes. He says it's better than homework. Mary tells Cameron that he's not out of school yet, and Mitch says that perhaps Cam should do more work around the house instead of playing so much basketball. He asks for the keys to Cam's car. This sets Cam off, saying things like "totally not fair" and stuff as if he didn't drive a truck into his high school without even being grounded. Cam says it was an accident. Mitch says it was stupid and then gives Cam the same "responsibility" speech that Laura the Pretty Project Engineer gave Mitch in the last episode. Cam tries to stick up for himself, but Mitch keeps laying into him and eventually Cam just ends up shutting up for once.

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