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Tough Love

Overhead shot of new character. It's "Steve." He's doing some sort of "broker" thing that involves cash and requires tiny headphones. He's on the phone saying that he broke up with some girl, "Story of my life, you know?" He asks some guy for a loan of "a hundred K." The guy says no. Steve looks out towards the entrance and sees Men With Badges. He high-tails it out of the room, grabbing all of his things that are conveniently located in one bag right by his hand. The sensitive oboe threatens to play. This man is obviously a Green because he immediately teleports over to Mitch's front door. There is a moment right out of last week's The Sopranos where the two brothers make chit-chat after not seeing each other for four years. Mitch pulls Steve in. Steve hugs Mary. Mary gives Mitch the "I didn't order this, did you?" look as we go to opening credits and commercial.

In the World's Largest Kitchen, the Green family is enjoying a large dinner. The conversation is terribly trite. Why didn't Steve call? Where is he going? Where has he been? "Why ruin my reputation?" Blah, blah, blah. Steve says he's going overseas soon and wanted to have a last moment with his favorite niece and nephews. He asks them to remember "the best weekend" of their lives and Meghan actually says, "The Monster Truck Sports Arena." They then share a few moments of Monster Truck Madness that I won't recap for you. They ask where Steve's girlfriend is, and he says they broke up after she started asking to get married. He says she ruined a perfectly good seven-year relationship. "Nothing ruins a relationship like a commitment," Elizabeth smiles, as if she didn't run from commitment with her last boyfriend. The pot and the kettle share a giggly moment. Cameron skulks in and Mitch declares that Cam has to sit down even when he's not hungry because Elizabeth worked hard to make this food and Steve came to visit. Sulky Mouth-Breather sits down and sulks. Steve gives Cam a knowing glare, even though he hasn't seen Cam since he was twelve.

By the way, if your name is Scott, you've got a much better chance of being on this show. There are four Scotts this week.

Steve walks in to his guest room and finds Mary sitting on the bed staring into space. He asks how she's doing. She says that she was just thinking about how that was going to be the baby's room. He asks her if she was pregnant. We'll just ignore that stupid question and move on to Mary's flippant answer, "Yeah, I had a miscarriage." She could have been saying, "Yeah, it's by the peas." Steve apologizes and Mary uses the Green Tradition to blame some of this on him by not being at his address, getting his phone number changed, not being there when they needed him, by making Mitch worry about him. I guess Steve killed the baby now. The oboe is way sensitive in this scene. Steve grabs Mary behind the neck in a too-familiar way as he tells her that he doesn't need a lecture. He says he's there to "set things right [sic]."

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