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Tough Love

The Green family sits on a couch in front of the television sharing brother stories as Kenny puts in a videotape. I can't think of one family that doesn't completely enjoy sitting around late at night watching videos they've already seen. Mitch and Steve watch themselves as kids playing Cowboys. The kids make fun of the tape and are way too excited about it, laughing entirely too hard so that Mitch can get all upset and walk away. They ask to see it again. Mary follows Mitch into the World's Largest Kitchen to see how he's doing. Mitch says that Steve is very good at masking the truth and seems a little "too happy." Mary asks Mitch to go with her to the School Board meeting with her. She says that Cameron doesn't deserve to get kicked out of school. Mitch halfheartedly agrees. She says that she'll do the talking if he plays the tough guy. Mitch seems reluctant. He's probably just bothered that he has to do something parental and deal with problems other people have with his kid.

Meghan makes the Mandatory Locker Check in the School Without Classes. She's fingering her medallion as Slut Girl walks up. Slut Girl asks, "What's wrong?" Right now I'm going to point out that the use of the word "What" and the phrase, "You know what" is so overused in this episode. Go ahead and count them. "I met Clay's dad the other morning," Meghan just blabs to the school's reigning Gossip Queen. Brilliant. "And that's a problem because...?" Slut Girl fragments back. Meghan tells her that Clay's dad asked her not to tell him that he's there. Slut Girl says that she thought Clay and his dad didn't get along. Meghan says they haven't seen each other since Clay was ten. Slut Girl says that Meghan shouldn't tell Clay. "It's his dad," Meghan brats. "I mean, wouldn't you want to know?" Slut Girl says that she wouldn't, and that Meghan probably shouldn't get involved. Now she's done it. She's triggered the Center of the Universe II's Self-Righteous Button. "Leave it alone," Slut Girl warns. "I can't," Meghan eye-rolls. "I can't. It's the same as lying to him." Slut Girl says that it's more complicated than Meghan realizes because not everyone has the perfect life like she does with the Suck-Ass Daddy/Princess relationship she's got going. She doesn't say that, but we all know the truth. Slut Girl walks off so that Meghan and Clay can talk. Clay picks up the medallion and says, "It looks good on you," as if Meghan hasn't been wearing it all day...or week, or something. I have no idea what day it is. Because Meghan often takes the advice she's given she immediately asks, "Do you ever think about him?" "My dad? Sure, every day." " you miss him?" "No, mostly I wish he would have left [sic] sooner so I wouldn't miss him at all." "What if he came back?" Clay doesn't pick up on Meghan's inability to lie or hide anything because she's got a big shirt on that says, "I'm Hiding A Big Secret From My New Boyfriend About His Long-Lost Father And All I Got Was This Lousy Tee-Shirt." He pulls Meghan to lunch while she looks around with the weight of the world on her back. Oh, Meghan. She loves to have her some problems.

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