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Tough Love

Restoration of Sin building. Mitch is working while Steve walks around saying that "Dad" would be really proud of Mitch for building this place. "Dad?" Where the hell was he at Christmas? Mitch asks Steve why he's really there, and Steve says he had that question coming. There's a big song and dance about how Steve rushes in every so often with his "jokes" and "funny stories" and every time Steve leaves Mitch has to explain to the kids where Steve went. See, Steve may have problems, but once they make problems for a Green family member, then they've just gone too damn far. There is much exhaling. They also start every sentence with "Hey" or "Look." Steve complains that he's always tagged as the irresponsible little brother. Mitch gives a list of reasons why he is, and why Mitch is such a damn saint for always bailing him out of trouble. "I mean, look, can't we just get past this?" Steve asks. The phone rings and it's Mary. She declares Mitch late for the School Board meeting. He tells Steve he's got to go, kicking off the five-note jingle. "Hey!" Steve yells to Mitch. "Tell Cam good luck." They look at each other meaningfully, but it's really not that touching.

Pan down from an American flag. I am in such shock from the simplicity in Get Real's symbolism that I almost miss the following Emmy-worthy scene. Mary says that Cam's not a drug dealer and he doesn't assault teachers or carry a weapon in his locker. No, but his sister ratted on a teacher sleeping with a student and we never saw that kid again. Cam beat up two bullies in two different episodes and we never saw them again. Haven't heard a peep out of Kenny's new deaf girl. These kids make people disappear faster than the Mafia. Cameron scoffs throughout the order, interjecting his "Whatever"s and "Not even"s (I hate that "not even" so much. You don't know). It's really, really, REALLY overdone in this bad dub with these "Aw! Jeez! Harumph!" noises that are so lame. Principal Foreshadowing sits in the dark and reminds us all about the Precious Three Strikes. Everyone is in the dark, for some reason. I guess with all of the not-classes going on, the school is running out of cash for electricity. Cam hems and haws enough that Mitch decides that it's not worth fighting over. He interrupts Mary (!) and tells Principal Foreshadowing that they'll trust whatever decision they come to. Mary and Cameron give Mitch "you're ruining everything!" looks.

Mary is way mad at Mitch for his little stunt. She even slams a door. Start counting the "what"s. Mitch says, "I don't want to argue about this, okay?" Mary: "You don't want to argue about this?" Mitch: "Hey, you know what? He deserved this, okay?" Mary: "Do you honestly believe that?" Mitch: "Cameron thinks this whole thing is a joke, and you know what? We're partially responsible for that. Somehow he grew up thinking his actions had no consequences." Mary: "Oh, so what, the solution is, Mitch, he doesn't get any education?" "Doesn't get any education"? Someone needs a refresher course. Mitch says they can't come to his rescue every time or he'll learn nothing. What?

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