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Tough Love

Cam is in his room reading his Thrasher . Mitch walks in and says that even though Cam doesn't believe him, he is trying to help. Cam completely ignores Mitch and continues reading his magazine. If I had done that to my father I would have been beaten until I couldn't spell "Thrasher." These kids are such assholes.

Montage of track-and-field kids. Clay is stretching. Five-note jingle plays as we see the Creepy Bad Dad. "I don't get it," Meghan says to him. "You don't want Clay to know you're here, but you keep showing up." They shake hands. He asks if she told Clay. "I haven't told him...yet" she brats. "Look, it was a mistake talking to you," CBD says. I'll say. That's pretty much what everyone says after they meet Meghan. "It's just that, um, I've never seen him happier. He seems to really care about you. So I wanted to meet you." Meghan: "You watch him all the time?" CBD: "Some." He was at Clay's first track meet, clarinet recital, and confirmation. "He plays the clarinet?" Meghan smirks. CBD: "Don't tell him I told you." "Oh! You're asking me to keep a lot of secrets," Meghan teases, as if she's talking to someone who ISN'T Clay's deadbeat dad who left him and his mother when they were in the HOSPITAL after a car accident. CBD says that he thinks about Clay every day. He says this is all for the best, though, since he couldn't make it up to him. Meghan asks him to come to Clay's track meet on Friday. "I can't make any promises," he says. Meghan looks down and smiles, because she knows the power she has as Center of the Universe II. "Well," she says, "whether or not you come I'm gonna tell him you're here." You bitch! She turns away and walks off. CBD controls himself and doesn't throw her snotty ass to the grass like I would have done. Meghan gives herself a congratulatory hair-tucking as CBD watches her leave and wonders how he could stuff Meghan's dead body in his trunk without anyone finding out.

Back to the Plot with A Family Message. Mitch watches Cameron play basketball with Steve. Some random guy is videotaping them. Oh, it's Kenny. Geez, who dresses these poor kids in vests and Oxfords? There is much guy talk between Cam and Steve about letting someone win some game, blah, blah, blah, testosteronecakes. Oh, and if you're going to be in a scene where you play ball and your back is going to be turned around quite a bit, make sure you wear your tank top inside out like Cameron does so we can see that you sport clothes from Ambercrombie and Finch. A&F: for when you need a really big hole in the top of your shirt to fit over your giant ears. Steve says something about reading in a handbook that you should always let the kid win the game. Cam stops all "fun" to ask if there are "any of those handbooks for father and sons [sic]." Oh, barf. They share a "Mitch is hard on you because he loves you" thing that you could write yourself with your eyes closed. Steve accuses Cameron of shifting the blame. Cameron says of course that he isn't. He's just being a Green. Steve says he's the king of blame-shifting. They share a "we're cute slackers" grin. Steve throws the ball --

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