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Previously on Get Real: Cameron got expelled. Meghan stole Clay from Ferret. Mitch appreciates Mary for always being in love with him. Rebecca had to move from Kenny. Yeah, we're reaching way back in the archives here. Every snippet ends with someone telling the other person that he or she loves the other one.

We open to Meghan lying in her bed, just waking up. She coos for Clay to wake up. We pan across the bed to a phone lying on the other pillow. Meghan continues telling Clay to wake up. We see Clay wake up in his own room and grab the phone so she'll quit ordering him around. She pulls up her shoulder strap when she hears his voice. He asks what time he fell asleep. This is presumably after the phone sex. She says that he went to sleep around two but she stayed up "just to hear [him] breathe." He says that they "have it bad." "So bad it's good," Meghan says, and that feeling of nausea in my stomach must mean it's time for the next eight weeks of Get Real.

In the World's Largest Kitchen the Green family is making plans for Kenny's birthday party tomorrow. Cameron forgot, of course. Kenny walks into the kitchen rubbing his neck. Mary instantly asks if he's okay. He says that he's just tired because he was up late studying for his speech that day. He asks if he can practice on her, but she says she has to leave to "go volunteer." Mitch hands Cameron a check because he's been "working hard." Who works in this family? Cameron says the check is missing about two hundred dollars. Mitch says that the money to repay the school prank is coming out of Cameron's paycheck until he pays it off. Cameron says something about that not being fair while using the word "So." Mitch gives a retort that also involves the word "So." Kenny tells Cameron "Good morning." Cameron gives some "witty" reply.

Fade to white to the School Without Classes. Meghan is making Mandatory Locker Check as Clay walks up and asks if someone needs a kiss. She says she does. He says he does too. They flaunt their love in front of the other silent milling students. Meghan asks him if he knows what she loves about him. He says he'd like to know. She says she loves telling him what she loves about him. She goes on about how he's kind and smart and stuff and eventually tells him that she loves him. Clay gets a look on his face, says "Wow," and pulls Meghan in for a hug. Over his shoulder Meghan's all, "Wow?" Clay stares at the floor. They stare at each other for a few more seconds until Clay pulls Meghan back in for another hug where he clenches Meghan's hair. Meghan is immediately disgusted. The Center of the Universe II is not amused. Fade to white.

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