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The Man in Black leans over and asks "So?" Kenny is now in his bed with the oxygen tube. "You took that old woman," he says to the Man in Black. He asks if he's here to take Kenny. "Yes," he says, "But..." Kenny says he likes the sound of the "But." There are lame jokes here about math and stuff, and I'll spare you the pain. Gist of scene: Man in Black says it's not his decision and that fate and luck and stuff weigh in and Kenny gets to have another chance. Kenny asks about Pepsi Girl and the Man in Black says that Kenny has no control over it. It's fate and luck. Fade to white.

To Rebecca's face. "How long has he been like this?" she asks. I so called this, by the way. Cam said he would have gotten her there sooner but there were a few "logistical problems" they had to work out. Mitch looks at Cameron proudly for pronouncing his first polysyllabic word. Kenny starts to wake up, so that Rebecca will forever think that she has the power in her love to wake people from comas. He turns to Rebecca and says that she can't kiss him because he might be contagious. Everyone is happy. Elizabeth calls for the doctor. As Rebecca says he'll just have to wait, Paula Cole starts singing "Amen" over and over and over and over and over and over again. People are hugging Kenny. Mary totally doesn't care about the contagious factor and starts kissing Kenny's head. Paula Cole is still saying "Amen" as Mitch looks upward and says "Thanks." The family crowds around Kenny in a semi-circle as Mitch puts his hands on Kenny's chest. Kenny says hello to his dad. "Amen!" Paula still sings. The "doctor" comes in, caresses Kenny's head and says, "Welcome back." The family is laughing. Mary hugs Rebecca for bringing her son back to life. I've never seen 7th Heaven, but this is what I imagine it looks like.

Clay waits by some sort of an elevator as Meghan and Mary say goodbye to each other. Kenny's awake for thirty seconds and Meghan has to go and celebrate and Mary is back to work? Nice lesson about family. Clay offers to "help." He pulls her into a hug.

Jennifer Day is singing as Meghan and Clay share a stepladder and put cans in a shelf. They begin kissing as Jennifer tells them not to let this moment pass them by. They kiss some more. Kissing. Kissing. Meghan holds a container of jellybeans. On the top is a single green one. We all know what the green ones mean, kids. Meghan opens her hand and lets the container fall to the floor.

We pan across Meghan on her pillow again. She's smiling. "Talk time now?" she asks. We pan across some more, and it's Clay on the other side of the bed. They did the deed. Meghan making a big deal about not having sex until she found that special someone. Her brother wakes up from a coma and thirty minutes later she's lost her cherry. I can't believe they didn't spend an entire episode on whether or not they'd do it, but I assume it's so they can get straight to her getting pregnant at the same age Mary was when she got pregnant with Meghan. Clay says that they weren't exactly quiet before. "I don't think I have ever felt closer to another human being in my entire life." "So why do I know there's a 'but' coming?" Heh-heh. "But coming." Meghan says that she has questions. She wants to know if he enjoyed himself. She has questions about birth control. "Are we going to keep...using...condoms..." Girl, if you have a problem saying the word, you probably aren't ready for sex. Just a suggestion. Clay says that he can only answer her questions by saying that he has the same questions and that he loves her. I know that's no answer, but she's still in the afterglow of three-minute first-time sex. She says that she loves him for saying he loves her. "Man, we've got it bad," he says. "So bad it's good," she says. They kiss. I vomit.

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