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Back at the Museum Hospital, Kenny puts on his jacket and asks Rebecca since he can't kiss her what her position is on sponge baths. "I am so not giving you a sponge bath." He says he meant he wanted to give her one. The entire family walks in and laughs, which is creepy. They say it's good to hear Kenny laughing. Meghan and Clay are back, so we know that the first-time sex REALLY didn't take very long. Mary looks upset and Mitch asks what's wrong. She says that Pepsi Girl had a bad night last night and they don't know if she'll make it. Kenny interrupts to say that he knows she'll make it because of spring training. They ask how he knows anything about this. ("And you know this because?") He says he just remembers stuff from before. Then he looks down and smiles. Meghan asks what he's thinking about. He says that he promised that he'd tell them all something. He says that he loves them. Cam pulls Kenny in for a hug and says he loves him too. "I know you do." He thanks Cam for Rebecca. Cam asks whom he made that promise to. "A friend." Cam hands Kenny the baseball. Kenny walks over to Pepsi Girl's room and says that he heard she's going to be fine. He says that if she sees the man in black she should tell him to leave her alone "or Kenny Green is gonna kick his ass." Kenny leans down and gives Pepsi Girl a kiss on her forehead and whispers, "Come back, okay?" totally blowing a big ol' breath of meningitis on her face. He puts the baseball in her hand and puts her hand on her chest. "Thank you" he hears her say as he turns to leave. "You're welcome," he says to Coma Pepsi Girl. Ooh, maybe Kenny will have super powers now like the Profiler.

As Mitch is asleep that night the door opens and Kenny walks in. Mitch opens his blanket to let Kenny into the bed. Mary, Mitch and Kenny sleep with their arms around each other. End of episode.

Next week Clay gets a scholarship to Boston, Cam is pissed that he's got to go to alternative school because the kids there beat him up (huzzah!) and some crazy guy with a knife holds up Mary and Debi Mazar. Hope Kenny wasn't hoping for too much of a homecoming.

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