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Ladies and Gentlemen, the fastest title sequence on television.

In the Greens Only stairwell, The Center of the Universe II is so not letting Clay off easily. He starts patting and pulling her hair and asking her if she'd like to go to the beach and watch the sunset. The pout is out, Clay. Just start apologizing. Meghan says that this is all to embarrassing for her. That she said the "L" word and she thought he was "right there" with her and then he didn't so she feels like a total dork and it's HIS FAULT. Now she wants to take the words back. Clay says, "You can't think that I don't take this seriously." I reel from the double negative and almost miss the rest of Meghan's lines. It doesn't matter. She storms off. Clay follows her and stops her in the middle of the hallway. The silent milling students don't get in their way. He asks her what this is "about." Meghan says that it's about them and how she needs to be sure of them and stuff. Clay says that he shows her that he loves her all the time in the things that he does, why does she need to hear the words? He says that a lot of guys say those words and never mean them, so what's she complaining about? He's all, "Fine. I love you." But that, of course, isn't good enough for the Center of the Universe II and she calls him on it. She says that they might need to take a break to think about what they mean to each other. Clay's all "fine." Meghan's all "fine." Meghan is all serious and Clay's got a smile. They walk off from each other.

Kenny is doing his report on how society is very wrong because Michael Jordan gets paid more than teachers do. On the chalkboard it says "Vote!! Your freedom depends on it." These kids are fifteen. As we zoom in on Kenny and his speech, he is shaking and panting and rubbing his head while he talks, but no one asks if he's okay. I mean, the kid's got a stammer and all, but this is way out of that puberty-range he's usually hitting. Speaking of hitting, Kenny falls face-forward to the ground, but in the next shot he's rolled himself onto his side. No one rushes to his aid. I think maybe Kenny was in a fake classroom doing a report he just asked people to hear and since they weren't used to how speeches usually go they just assumed Kenny was doing some sort of "drama thing." What more could you expect from high schoolers who never go to class?

Cameron sits on a hood of a car eating a box of donuts. Like a big Dunkin' Donuts box. Slutgirl walks out and jumps onto the hood. She asks why he's intentionally sitting at school and looking like he's thinking about coming back. He says he is thinking about it. He says not being in school sucks. She says school sucks too. This deep conversation is interrupted by an ambulance. Cameron makes a crack about high school never being a dull moment. That's because you've yet to take a midterm, buddy.

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