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There's a quick pan up the hallway to the paramedics rushing Kenny out on a stretcher. Although there are very few students in the hallway, one of them is Meghan, leaning against a wall talking to some blonde girl and laughing as if she didn't just break up with her boyfriend. She sees that it's Kenny on the stretcher and immediately begins yelling to him. Outside Slutgirl guesses to Cameron that the stretcher is for "another dehydrated wrestler." Through the trees they see Meghan. Slutgirl asks if it's Clay. The zoom goes to Cameron's face as we see a quick splice of Kenny with a breathing mask and a quick splice of Meghan tucking her hair. "It's Kenny," Cameron's lips close enough to say. They run towards the ambulance. Cameron asks for a phone. Slutgirl hands him hers and then says, "God, I gotta quit smoking." You seem to be doing a fine job there, girlie. Never seen you take one puff.

Mary is walking to her car carrying an Important Box when her phone rings. She sets her box against the car and answers the phone. We go to slow motion right before the box falls over.

Mitch is standing in front of a Pictionary Easel discussing important things with elderly people. We only hear his phone ringing. Without even an "excuse me" he picks up the phone. After a few seconds, we see him excuse himself from the room as the camera focuses on a blue plate hanging on a wall. Your guess is as good as mine.

Fade to White to Meghan asking, "Is he gonna be okay?" The room is very white and you hear the sound of something beeping. Meghan says that Kenny is fifteen. Cameron takes a big gulp and says that Kenny will be sixteen tomorrow. Woah, Cameron's nostrils are incredibly huge when he's "upset." The doctors just get around to ripping Cameron's shirt open as they peer into his eyes with a flashlight. They stand around and talk, but no one is really giving orders and no one is administering anything to Kenny. It doesn't matter because Mitch and Mary and the other Greens are all standing in the room. There is no ceiling in this room. This hospital room is very large, very white, very much without any sort of hospital equipment and has these checkered floors. It looks more like an ad for Obsession than any place where people go when they are sick. They've taken off Kenny's shoes, thank God. A nurse says something about him having a really high fever. Mary pushes her family members aside to get a closer look. Kenny starts going into convulsions and Mary is standing where a TRAINED PHYSICIAN might be of some use. People just mill around Kenny thrashing left and right, and no one in the hospital wears scrubs or coats. One guy is wearing a huge sports watch. The Green family is dressed in all black as they close in on Kenny's bed. We pull back to get a better view of the hospital room that might very well be larger than the World's Largest Kitchen. The "doctor" asks Mary to step back. I have no idea if this is a doctor because he's wearing a denim Oxford shirt. I haven't even seen a stethoscope yet. Man, if my parents took me to this crap-ass hospital, someone would be getting a lawsuit.

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