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The "Doctor" introduces himself as "Doctor Carol" and I see for the first time that he's wearing a nametag. He points at most of the Green members with his long sleeves and cuffs and says that Kenny has a very high fever but they don't know what's wrong with him yet. Someone is poking Kenny in the chest with a stick and then the monitor next to him starts beeping, so the guy with the stick tells the "doctor" that Kenny's temperature is "one oh four point five and climbing." The "Doctor" tries to stick the flashlight in Kenny's eyes again, but he keeps rolling his head back and forth. He tells other people to hold Kenny down. On the shelf above Kenny's head are nine packages of Dixie Cups. Good thing they're prepared. Mitch asks what the "Doctor" knows. "I'm not sure yet, but I think your son's slipping into a coma," he says. Brilliant. There is a quiet moment where all of the Green family members think about how Kenny being in a coma is really gonna put a damper on their weekend plans. Don't worry, no one is crying. Not one tear yet. Fade to white.

No commercial yet. Fade up on some statue in the middle of a big atrium-type foyer looking thing. I think this is supposed to be a part of the hospital. Where did they take Kenny to get treated, the Louvre? I guess that huge statue in the middle of the hospital makes it much easier to move gurneys in and out quickly. The floaty-cam goes around the halls to see the one other orderly in the hospital. Kenny is walking in the hall in a robe. He tries to ask two passersby where he is, but they're about as helpful as his classmates. He thinks that he might be invisible. I can tell you where you are, Kenny. I know those chandeliers and those bay windows anywhere. You're in your high school. They painted it and changed it to harsh white lighting so we wouldn't notice. An elderly woman walks up to Kenny and says hello. She asks if he'd like to take a walk with her. He says no, that he just woke up and wants to "hang close" in case his parents show up. He looks into one of the rooms and sees the same woman in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines. Kenny swallows, and watches the woman walk away. We hear a voice over an intercom. Don't get used to these "hospital touches," they're soon going away. Kenny turns back to watch the woman in the hospital bed as he hears, "Doesn't make sense, does it?" Why it's his little sister, Hallie. You may know her as The Pepsi Girl. I prefer to think of her as "The Kid from those Funny Independent Film Channel Commercials." Kenny says none of it makes sense. She says it will. He asks about her. "Girl versus car. Girl loses." Kenny giggles, like that's funny. They stand side by side for a second, and it is very creepy how much they look alike. Like someone took one doughy mold of a face and adjusted hair length and head size. Pepsi Girl asks Kenny if he's a baseball fan. He says he is. She says that her mom promised her when she gets out of the hospital she's going to get to go to a spring training game. Kenny says that's cool. Kenny says that he's got a Ken Griffey, Jr. signed ball from when he went to a game with his dad. Pepsi Girl says that's "awesome."

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