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Pan across the museum/hospital hallway to Kenny and Pepsi Girl. He asks if her mom is still there. She says that her mom goes home at nights now. She used to stay all night and sleep in a chair, but she goes home now. Kenny asks how long she's been there. "Two months." Kenny says that he's been there less than a day. Emotion registers on Pepsi Girl's face in such a way that you can see the three thoughts she's thinking at once. It's such a refreshing change of acting choices. Depth. Subtext. Hidden meaning. I try not to get too drunk off the talent. She tells Kenny that she'd like to tell him that it gets easier. He says she seems to have adjusted well. "I meant for the parents," she says, as she watches Mitch and Mary sit over Coma Kenny. Lord. Coma Kenny is in his bed underneath this huge window where a beam of white light shines in a perfect circle around his body. Mary sits at one side reading a book, while Mitch has his face buried in the other side while he sleeps. Where's everyone else? It doesn't matter, as it would ruin this Jesus Portrait they've made with Kenny.

"Good Morning my dears," the elderly woman from before says to Kenny and Pepsi Girl. She says that Elizabeth is a nice woman, but she seems to have had a loss recently. Kenny says that his grandfather died two years ago. He asks how she knew that. "I can feel it," she says as she walks off. This oboe/guitar is starting to make me ill. I wish they'd take it off the loop. Pepsi Girl asks if Elizabeth misses his grandfather. "Yeah, we all do," he says as they walk down the hall. "Will it be warm there?" the elderly woman asks. Kenny and Pepsi Girl turn to see the woman talking to a man in black. He's a complete "Hey, It's That Guy" that I completely can't place right now. Usually plays the villian. Freaky mole on his forehead. He says that it will have anything she could ever want. "My friends?" she asks. He says yes and takes her hand. "She has a visitor," Kenny says. "You could see him?" Pepsi Girl asks. Kenny says he could and asks who he is. The bay windows get brighter as the man in black and the elderly woman start walking towards the door. Pepsi Girl says that it's "him." Kenny asks if it's "Death." "Fate," she says. The elderly woman and the man in black disappear. Kenny says that it's probably not a good thing that he can see him. He asks if he's dying. "Maybe," Pepsi Girl says.

The Green family is standing around Coma Kenny singing "Happy Birthday." They've got a cake lit up with a bunch of candles. Meghan is, of course, not singing, but then reluctantly starts. Mitch and Mary blow out the candles. Good job, guys. The boy is on oxygen. Cameron says that it's a good thing Kenny's in a coma or he wouldn't have been able to blow out all of those candles. Meghan gives him a good swatting. Cameron tells Kenny that Rebecca, I mean, "his gift" isn't here yet and it might be there sometime today or tomorrow, but in the meantime he thought he'd like his autographed baseball. At this point I wish that Victor would call and go, "Hey! Assholes! Think you could let me know that my best friend is dying in some Museum Hospital?" Mary looks out the hospital room and sees a pregnant woman slowly being wheeled down the hall. Mary and Mitch hold hands about how Kenny came into the world sixteen years ago today. Mary kisses Kenny's hand.

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