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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
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Previously on Revolution: Newly empowered Monroe massacred all the rebels he could find, but Rachel got rocket launchers from her old buddy John, so at least they could bring down two of the helicopters. And Danny died. Rest elsewhere, Danny. And Randall teamed up with Monroe, so that's troubling.

Miles and Aaron fill in Danny's grave while Charlie and Rachel -- along with the other survivors -- watch. Rachel looks catatonic, Charlie looks bored and/or sleepy. Rachel tries to grab her daughter's hand, but Charlie shakes her off.

Nighttime. Nora tells Ramsey and Nicholas that their scouts tell them they haven't seen any more choppers. The plan now is that Ramsey will take the wounded to a field hospital while Nicholas leads everyone to another base. "Business as usual," he says. Miles overhears and snarks drunkenly, "Business as usual. For you, that's... losing." He tells Ramsey that the rebels are a nuisance more than a hindrance to Monroe, and if they want to take him down, they need to hit him hard and decimate his men. Burn down Philadelphia. And Miles plans to help them. Which Nicholas can't quite believe.

Neither can Miles. He says he'll need his buddies from the good old days to do this, but Ramsey asks why they should trust militia officers. Miles says that they were the ones who backed him when he tried to assassinate Monroe (the first time). He names the first guy he wants: Jim Hudson. Nora observes that'll be a hell of a start, if he can find Jim, and if Jim doesn't try to kill Miles. Miles says he can definitely find him, but the second bit will be the hard part.

In the morning, Rachel asks if Miles has to leave so soon; she says it will be better for Charlie if he stays. He asks how he's made anything better. Well, you're the reason she's alive, champ.

Charlie, Rachel, Aaron and others follow Nicholas to what he calls Echo Base: an overgrown hospital next to a downed passenger jet. Inside, there are plenty of good old-fashioned hobo trash can fires. Nicholas is arming up to go on a raid, which Rachel says Charlie can't go on because it's too dangerous. But Charlie's deep in her nihilistic nothing-matters-and-I-need-to-feel stage, and grits that she has to do something. Aside from obsessive-compulsive hair care, of course. She does plenty of that.

Somewhere else on the base, Aaron unpacks his bag, including two pendants. They switch on and start glowing. In Philadelphia, Randall is showing Monroe on a monitor where the pendants are and he says he's pretty sure he knows who has these two. Monroe asks if he can track them, and Randall says he can as long as the pendants are on. And he can switch even them on remotely -- Grace showed him how to do that. Monroe asks why he didn't track them before, and Randall says it's because he didn't have choppers and soldiers. Monroe wishes Randall had come to him sooner, but Randall says he hadn't made up his mind whether Monroe was worthy of his help or whether he had his head up his ass. Oh, this guy seems like such fun to be around.

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