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Watching Through Windows
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Previously on Caprica: Daniel's creative process got enough of a jolt about the U-87's MCP that he finally realized who was in there. Which you might think was a good thing...

In New Cap City everybody's gross. Joseph is becoming a virtual addict in his latest iteration of being obnoxious about Tamara; now Emmanuelle is cooking up some amp and making him wear an even sillier hat than he usually wears. Amp is a drug that you shoot in your eye like your eye has asthma. What it does is make you fast: "Think of it as a hack that bypasses the holoband's safeties, interacting with the visual cortex to heighten a player's senses and reflexes. In here, you're either quick or you're dead. Take your pick." I choose not being here. Is that an option?

So Joe squeezes the thing in his eyeball, giving him a powerful euphoric/speed jump both in the Matrix and IRL. So now I guess officially everyone on this show is a drug addict. But I mean God, Emmanuelle, he's obsessive enough without giving him a bunch of eyeball meth. Or maybe this is all just a conspiracy to get somebody dumb to clean up New Cap City, and by the time he's wasted and burnt out and tooth-free the whole place will be sparkling.

Daniel turns Zoë back on and apologizes for shutting her down after the freakout moment last week. He begs her to talk to him, and she won't, so he's like, "Ah, the old silent treatment. Just what you'd expect when you kidnap your daughter's soul and put her in two tons of hideous steel for the sake of your own sick obsessions." Like she's a typical teenager who's just being difficult, and not the newborn victim of his total grotesque betrayal. He switches tracks.

"I can't imagine what the last few weeks have been like for you. This certainly wasn't what you were expecting, was it? Must have scared the crap out of you. I can understand that. I'm sorry, but you have to understand that this was always just a temporary place, just so we could get you back in our lives. And if you can't handle it, you just let me know, and I will take you out of this and find a way to make you a more human body, whatever you want..."

He's still hedging bets. He's still not sure if it's true. But if it is true, then this is how he has to play it. I don't doubt that he loves and loved his daughter, but never lose sight of the fact that he is being totally gross. Worst case scenario, he's talking to a robot, which is no shame because only the dog can see him doing it. Best case scenario, she's in there and he can make his daughter do way worse stuff than just ripping her own arm off. All of which Zoë knows, all of which is why Lacy's the only person who's really allowed to know what's going on: Because she's waiting, always waiting, for the next way his brilliant mind can find to betray her.

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