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Ben arrives home and launches into an explanation of why he's late. Mrs. Lee gets her coat on and says she doesn't mind. Ben points out that she did just have a personal day, and Mrs. Lee says she's feeling good about it. Ben wants to have a chat. Mrs. Lee feels that there's nothing to talk about. Ben wants to talk about her attitude, and he points out all of the great things he gives to Mrs. Lee when she doesn't "do much but drive [the kids] around all day." Ooh, that's not good. Mrs. Lee tells him, albeit calmly and quietly, "Kiss my ass." Go, Mrs. Lee. Ben's all, "If you don't like it, find another job." Mrs. Lee says she already has -- she had a job interview on her personal day. Ben's offended. Mrs. Lee tells him everything that is wrong with her job, especially that her own family is suffering, gives her two weeks' notice, and walks out. Yikes.

Way out-of-focus shot becomes slowly in-focus. It's Ben. He goes into Maria's room to find out that she's doing much better. Daughter says her mom is willing to do chemotherapy. Ben explains the risks involved, and that they should have done it six months ago. Maria wants to know her choices. Ben thinks she should fight it, and Maria agrees. Ben explains that they can do the first round at the hospital, but she'll have to go to the HMO for the rest of the treatments. Daughter is angry, because she feels that the HMO doctor nearly killed her mother. Ben says he'll stay on top of it, and he thinks "everything will be okay." Daughter asks if he would say that if it were his own mother. Do you think doctors get sick of that question?

Ben and Max are having lunch in Max's office. Mmm, sandwiches. Ben wants to treat Maria anyway. Max throws out a bunch of numbers to prove it's a bad idea. Basically, he gives the "HMOs are necessary" argument, just so ABC doesn't lose all their advertising money from HMOs. Ben is upset that COD was so morally superior, "like he's Hawkeye Pierce or some damn thing." Um, isn't that the morally superior pot calling the kettle black? Max says COD is right -- wrong, but right. That Max is a man of contradictions. Ben say that the "plush office" is turning Max into "a number cruncher." Ben thinks there must be something they could do. Max says he knows a lawyer who might be able to help. Well, he says it in a much more convoluted way, but that's the gist. I'm just trying to spare you the extensive dialogue here.

Some cheesy guy kisses Maria's hand and says he knows she is worried about her daughter. I guess he's the Hispanic Johnnie Cochran. He's like Juan Cochran. Yeah, that's what I'm calling him. Ben comes in, and Juan says that he's taking the case, and he'll need Ben's help, even though doctors like to stick together. On his way out, Juan says his specialty is "pain and suffering" -- he takes it from Maria and gives it to the HMO. Did I mention he's wearing a bolo tie?

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