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Giggles and moans come from Linda's room. Cherry, Sid, Boies, and Ollie sit outside and discuss the fact that she's having sex with her secret boyfriend in there. Couldn't they just knock on the door and ask her to keep it down? Boies is all against it. The others start listing off all the places in the hospital that they've had sex. Boies is shocked, and orders Cherry to figure out what's wrong with her ear so that they can discharge her. Boies equals tight-ass. Got it.

Mrs. Lee is under a sheet with Ben's kids, telling a ghost story. Ben walks in and listens. The kids scurry off for bed, and Ben apologizes to Mrs. Lee. She says she still won't stay. Ben can't believe she's really leaving, but Mrs. Lee says that it's time to move on. Then there's a bit where she teaches him some phrase in another language, but I don't know why it was important.

Maria is crashing. Stiles is running the trauma. Apparently, Maria isn't breathing. Stiles intubates. Maria's heart rate goes back up. That was the most non-traumatic trauma scene ever.

Ben and Stiles observe a worn-out looking Maria. Ben asks about the daughter. He tells Stiles to page him if anything changes, and leaves the room. He finds Daughter sitting on the steps and tells her that her mother's condition is stable, but she's doing poorly, and they may lose her no matter what they do. Daughter blames herself, because she feels that she should have demanded that the HMO doctors do something, or brought her to Ben earlier. Ben takes her hand. I'm sure I'm not doing the scene justice, because it was fairly moving. And there wasn't any banter. It was completely banter-free.

Overprotective Father is upset that Cherry is not answering his questions. Overprotective Father talks about all the sacrifices he has made for his daughter. Cherry starts telling Linda about how his parents wanted him to be a doctor, only date Jewish women, and take piano lessons, and so he did. Linda finishes the story, saying that now he is so unhappy that it's all he can do to get out of bed in the morning. Like, hint hint, Overprotective Father. Linda talks about how her boyfriend has to go back to China soon, and she's thought about going back with him to escape. Overprotective Father is all, "Who's Peter?" Cherry asks when Peter came from China, and when Linda tells him it was six months ago, he gets a wild hair up his ass and leaves.

Cherry and Wacky Lab Guy are examining a slide. Ooh, we get a name for Wacky Lab Guy -- Dr. Pirandello. Excellent. Names are good. Turns out that Linda has tuberculosis, which is epidemic in China, but not so common in the States. Pirandello compliments Cherry's diagnosis, and Cherry says that he is "the Evel Knievel of the intuitive leap." That's pretty good. I don't hate Cherry so much anymore. Pirandello says that Cherry will need to isolate both Linda and Peter. Then, they share that they have both been the secret boyfriend before. Aw, they're bonding.

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