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The hospital lawyer (Ellyn from thirtysomething) is leading Ben into a deposition about Maria's case, and asking him not to be "volatile." Ben is saying that he has matured. They've known each other a long time. There's a lot of banter. Hmm, potential love interest for Ben?

In the deposition, Ben keeps refusing to just answer the questions. He keeps talking, and talking, and talking. Ellyn keeps shooting him looks. The HMO's lawyer keeps saying, "Move to strike," and Ellyn keeps saying, "We withdraw." The HMO's lawyer continues asking if Ben could have really changed things if he had diagnosed Maria's illness earlier. Ben says he would have "fought like hell." Ben and Ellyn walk out of the deposition room in slow motion, as Ellyn shoots Ben a look that says, "Volatile!" Who should be walking in but COD, who asks about "[his] patient." Ben asks if COD even knows her name. And who acts morally superior? COD does know her name, and Ben continues to give him a hard time. COD says that patients die all the time and walks away. Ben stops him and says that there's a girl who will never stop blaming herself for COD's "mistake, and [his] callousness. Never!" This last word is punctuated with Ben poking COD in the chest. That was a bit melodramatic. Then, it gets worse. COD walks away, then stops and stares at Ben. Ben stares at COD. What? What was that for? Can we go back to Mrs. Lee? She kicks ass.

Ben is warning Max that he might have caused some trouble with the deposition. Max tells him not to worry about it -- they settled. Ben is surprised. Max explains that Juan Cochran was negotiating upstairs while Ben was giving his deposition. He shows Ben a copy of the paper with a story about Maria on the front and the headline, "HMO to Widow: Drop Dead." Turns out Juan Cochran had the paper printed up just for his negotiations. It wasn't a real story. What a smooth operator. Max makes a disturbing comment about how you can't fight city hall, but "you can milk them until their nipples bleed." Ew. EW!

Ben comes in and makes small talk with Mrs. Lee. He turns serious and says it's been a hard year for his family, and her family as well. But, it's been a good year for his family because of her. He thanks her. Mrs. Lee points out that the Buddha said, "Life is suffering." Ben points out that the Buddha also said, "The only miracle in the world is a change of heart." Mrs. Lee looks confused, but then smiles and nods. So I guess she's staying.

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