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Tim follows Ben out of the room and asks if Ben has any idea what's causing this infection. Ben says it's probably fungal, and if the interferon doesn't work, they'll try some other drug. Tim is worried that the other drug will cause kidney failure, requiring his father to undergo dialysis. Ben promises that it won't come to that. Tim doubts that Ben can save his father, and accuses Ben of "leading him on." Ben thinks he was straight, saying that the drugs have helped in "very few cases." Tim feels his father thinks he will be the one that gets cured. Ben says he might, or they might cure the infection and he can go home, and wonders why Tim is so dead set against it. Tim says that his father will die, and it affects his mother and him as well, and he's come to terms with his father's death. Ben says that Larry has "plenty of life left." Tim thinks that his father is deluded, like Ben. Ooh, harsh words there, mister. But as this show tends to do, it does raise the interesting issue of whether you're better off accepting your incipient death and enjoying your time left, or fighting against it with everything you have. And whether Ben is doing this guy any favors by feeding his hero complex.

Boies examines Lucinda's CAT scan, and realizes that she had a stroke caused by an embolus. But he can't figure out what caused the embolus, and neither can the whispering guy from last week. Boies spots a "defect in her carotid artery" and wonders if that caused it. Whispering Guy says it may have, or not. Boies just can't figure it out.

Cherry pulls up a chair and joins Wyatt, who is eating lunch. Wyatt was trying to be alone, but Cherry wanted to tell him that there's a rumor about a Porter lawsuit. Remember that Boies lied and said that he was the one treating Porter at the end, but really it was Wyatt. Remember? So Wyatt has a personal stake in this thing. Also, Wyatt's hair is a mess. It's kind of a nice bit of continuity -- with his wife gone, maybe there's no one around to remind him to visit the barber or something. Cherry wonders why Wyatt is worried, since he's "practically the only one who didn't screw up" and the rest of them are all in trouble. Boies walks up and horns in on the conversation. Wyatt tells him that Porter is going to sue. Boies appears unconcerned. Cherry asks who has "the most exposure," and Boies answers that just about everyone is in trouble. Wyatt asks Boies if he's worried, and gives him the eyes like, "Because we LIED!" Boies eats his chips and says that he's not really worried because "the truth shall set you free." I don't think that's the answer Wyatt wanted.

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