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Blue Christmas

Ben wakes Larry up and tells him that he couldn't get enough oxygen. They don't know if it can be reversed, and don't want Larry to suffer. Larry nods. Ben says they are in agreement with his last wishes, and even if he pulls through, he'll be confined to a chair or a bed. They're going to try the drugs for two more days to see if it works, but after that, they'll stop and take him off the respirator. Larry looks frightened and shakes his head. Man, this show makes me want to just end it now. Could this be a more bleak episode? And this was supposed to be the episode just before Christmas.

Sid finds Cherry trying to break into Stiles's locker. Apparently, she hasn't shown up for work in two days, and hasn't called either. Cherry went to her apartment and she wasn't there. Cherry is worried that something horrible has happened, and he's trying to break into her locker to find "clues." Sid makes fun of him, and Cherry kicks the locker in frustration. Sid gives him the combination. Cherry opens the locker and finds Stiles's purse, with her ID in it and everything. Uh-oh.

Boies looks at Lucinda's x-rays. Ben looks at Larry's x-rays. Cherry calls someone to report Stiles missing. Ben watches Larry on the respirator. Ben is sleeping on the couch at home, and there's a knock at the door. It looks to be the middle of the night, so you know it's not good news. It's Cherry at the door. Commercial. Oh, God. This is just awful. They're killing me here. No pun intended.

Boies, Sid, Ollie, Cherry, and Wyatt sit around a table in a bar, drinking. Wyatt expositions that Stiles borrowed a car, drove down the wrong side of the road and ran into a semi. No! Not Stiles! I liked Stiles! Ollie asks about the funeral. Cherry says her sister is coming over from England to claim the body. Sid asks, "Stiles had a sister?" They toast Stiles. Sid thinks they should be telling amusing Stiles anecdotes, but no one can think of any. Boies says, "Stiles, we hardly knew ye."

Ben tells Barb and Tim that there's no sign of a fungus in Larry's test, which doesn't mean that there isn't one. Tim starts to complain about Larry's care, but then realizes that it doesn't matter. Ben asks why Tim is there, when he's never been there before. Tim says that his dad probably never mentioned him either. Ben says that he did, calling Tim "the son that marched to the beat of a different drummer." Either Ben's lying, or this is bad continuity, because earlier in the episode Ben was surprised that there was another son. Ben says that Larry was proud of Tim, and asks why Tim showed up now. Tim says he's there to make sure that his father is taken care of properly, and that his father wouldn't be "kept alive beyond what was reasonable and humane." Tim asks what happens now. Ben says they keep him comfortable. Tim thinks it's a disaster, but Ben sees it as an opportunity for Tim to put things right. Tim does that "I'm going to look very angry so you can't tell that I'm crying" thing. He looks a lot like Joe Rogan.

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