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Blue Christmas

Boies approaches Lucinda's daughter in the waiting room. She says that this hospital's food is way better than the other hospital's food. Boies takes the opportunity to discover that Lucinda "fell down the stairs" some time back and got a black eye and a broken nose. You know, I don't mean to make light of domestic abuse, but couldn't its victims (on television at least) come up with some other excuse? It's so transparent.

Ben finds Tim in Larry's room, and asks if they talked. Tim says they did, but he doesn't know if his father heard it. He asks Ben not to "say anything wise or uplifting." Brother, that's like asking the sun not to shine.

Boies walks painfully into Lucinda's room. Lucinda notices the hangover. Hey, Continuity! You're back! Boies looks for marks or bruises on Lucinda's neck. Lucinda says that her ex-husband tried to strangle her a month ago, but she didn't press charges because she didn't think it was a big deal. Boies asks where the ex is now. Lucinda says that he's in the waiting room to pick up their daughter. Boies runs out and confronts the ex-husband, and tells him the strangling caused her stroke. The ex denies it. Boies physically restrains him and spits into his face, "You could have killed her, you son of a bitch."

Mrs. Porter and her lawyer meet with Ellyn, Max, and Ben. Porter's lawyer says that the money is much less than they asked for. Mrs. Porter says that she wants a public apology. Max says that they can release a statement expressing their regret. Mrs. Porter wants the doctors named and their actions detailed. Max says they can't. Mrs. Porter says they can own up to it. Ellyn says it's out of the question. Mrs. Porter looks at Ben, who remains silent.

Outside the office, Mrs. Porter catches up to Ben and reminds him that he promised to tell her exactly what happened. Ben remembers. Mrs. Porter says that if she doesn't take the offer, she'll hold him to that promise. Ben says that she's not taking the offer, but Mrs. Porter hasn't decided. So, Ben's telling her not to take the offer. I don't think this is the last we'll be seeing of Mrs. Porter.

Ben looks at some pictures of Stiles on his desk and rubs his forehead. His beeper goes off. Cut to Larry's hospital room where the family is assembled. There's no respirator. Larry's dead, baby. Larry's dead. Ben hugs Barb.

Time for One to Grow On. This time, Ben is talking to the main characters about death in general, and Stiles's death in particular. This week's lesson is to take care of yourselves, and each other. Ben sits in the classroom as the others fade out, and the room goes dark. Max walks in, and Ben tells him that he found out that the problem with Larry was the myelofibrosis, and not any fungal infection. Ben thought he would solve the mystery. Max reminds him that he can't win them all. Ben asks why not, and then says that maybe they're to blame for pushing the family too hard. Max agrees, and then says that Mrs. Porter rejected their offer. Ben says she doesn't want money -- she wants the truth. Max walks out. Ben sits there some more.

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