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Sid complains to Ollie about the fact that she brought someone home the night before. Ollie feels like it's her business. Sid says he wouldn't care, except that he ran into the guy in the bathroom at 4 AM, and they had a chat. And the guy wasn't wearing pants. Ollie says breezily that the lack of pants isn't her fault. Except that it kind of is, but I'm not going to go down that road. Sid asks Ollie to "warn [him] next time the navy's in port." Ouch. Ollie doesn't seem offended. Sid asks about the patient from earlier in the episode, who was intubated and sent to ICU. Ollie says that it's Cherry's case.

Cut to Cherry trying to fill Ben in on the status of the patient. Cherry reports that the patient is still "febrile and non-responsive." As he continues, Ben interrupts and says that the patient's name is Sharon. This recapper thanks him for that one. Cherry says that they took a bunch of cultures from Sharon. Ben wants a call when the cultures come in, but Cherry stammers that it might be a while because the lab is backed up, while making it clear that this is not his fault. Ben wants to know why, and Cherry tells him that "several patients developed sepsis at the same time."

Max is in his office, on the phone with a "Jason" who will be there "tomorrow for sure." Ben walks in and asks about the three patients who went into septic shock last night, saying that there must be a source of infection in the hospital. Given that opening montage, I can't imagine where it might be. Max corrects Ben, saying that six patients have gone into septic shock in the last two days. Ben asks about "Detwiler," the "Infection Control Officer." Max says that Detwiler left the hospital two weeks ago, and they hired Jason (the guy on the phone at the open of the scene) but, as we viewers know, Jason won't be there until tomorrow. In the meantime, Max is the Infection Control Officer. Ben protests that Max "wouldn't know an infectious disease if it bit [him] on the ass." Max can't get mad, because it's true, and in his own inimitable way he convinces Ben to take charge. I love Max. Ben asks about the Porter case. Max says that things should start moving shortly. Ben thinks they should give Mrs. Porter "what she needs." Max tells Ben to find the source of the infection, soon.

Wyatt walks into Boies' office/the lounge (still haven't figured that one out) to find an attractive woman sitting at Boies' desk. She's a friend of Boies, apparently. An FOB, if you will. Wyatt warns her that Boies doesn't like people sitting in his chair, but this woman isn't worried. She introduces herself as Caitlin Reese. Okay, I know I have mentioned the similarity in the Boies/Wyatt relationship to the Benton/Carter relationship on ER. And now Benton/Boies is involved with a woman named Caitlin/Carla Reese? Come on! Anyway, Caitlin is a "pharmaceutical representative," and does the old "I'm aware how cheesy sales are but I'm still going to sell you stuff, but in a sneaky way so that you won't even know it" sales pitch on Wyatt. She guesses his educational background, like she probably didn't just do the research before she arrived. Wyatt is dumbfounded. Caitlin really needs to get her bangs out of her eyes. Boies walks in and appears happy to see her. They banter. Boies puts her off for now. Wyatt points out that she's sitting in his chair. Boies doesn't care. Wyatt -- still dumbfounded.

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Gideon's Crossing




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