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Boies gets back

Boies enters the elevator, where Caitlin the predator is waiting. She tells him that word is out that he's going to "take a hit" on "the Porter thing." She offers to help him find a new job if he wants one. Boies thinks that she's just doing it to get his business. Super tight close-ups on their faces. Boies says that Caitlin is "always about business" and he "admires [her] for it." She reminds him that they go back. He isn't buying what she's selling, either figuratively or literally. Boies says that he's not leaving the hospital.

Boies asks the pharmacy tech about the possibility of contamination. The tech insists that they are "strictly by the books." Boies wants to see the process anyway. The tech goes through a complicated procedure which involves two alcohol swabs. Boies asks how many he does per day, and the tech says sixty. Boies points out that there are not nearly enough swab wrappers in the garbage for that. Busted! Boies asks about the "negative pressure hood," which the tech says has been broken for "four or five days." Boies points out that it means that the bags are only good for eight hours. The tech concurs, and says that he throws them out if they aren't used in eight hours. Boies asks if he really throws them out. All of them. Boies tells him that they're going to test the bags and find out the truth, so if there's anything he wants to say now, he should say it. The tech says, "You go to hell, Boies." Boies laughs. That Boies, he's a regular Briscoe.

Lab Guy, Boies, and Ben do the test. It's positive for bacteria. Ben asks how many bags were prepared in the last five days. Boies estimates that there are two hundred. Ben says, "It's all over the hospital." Dun, dun, dun!

Boies, Ben, Cherry, and Lab Guy make phone calls telling everyone to toss their I.V. bags. They sit in a conference room, discussing the fact that the I.V. bags were only the cause of infection for four of the patients, and wonder what the source of the other ones was. Sid walks in with the maintenance records, although he doesn't think they are worth anything. Given his timing in entering the room, I'd wager that Sid is wrong. Cherry says that the patients were all immune compromised, and all on the same floor. Ben grabs the maintenance records for that floor from Sid, and tells Boies to come with him to check it out. See, Boies is back in Ben's good graces! I knew he could do it.

Ben and Boies try to figure out what could be connecting the four patients. They ask the nurse if she threw out the bad I.V. bags. She says they had already thrown them out, because one of them had a leak. Ben checks out the room where they were stored, now full of bags of saline solution. He asks what else is back there, and the nurse reels off a list of things including "icemaker." Hmm. Ben asks if the fluid spilled on meds, but the nurse doesn't think so. Boies start talking about how they laid the foundation for the new Infection Control Officer, but Ben interrupts to ask the nurse if her icemaker was repaired the day before. She says that it was, that the door was stuck open, and that they use the ice to give the patients ice chips. Ben re-enacts the series of events, just like Alice on The Brady Bunch when they lost Jan's necklace. The leaky I.V. bag would have dripped into the ice. Patients were given contaminated ice. Patients got sick.

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Gideon's Crossing




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