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Boies gets back

Ben tells Lab Guy what happened. Lab Guy didn't think the bacteria would survive on ice, but Ben points out that all of the infected patients had compromised immune systems anyway. Ben says that now they need to figure out the deal with his biopsy guy. Lab Guy says that it was a different bacteria -- a staph infection. Ooh, I remember from ER that you can pass on a staph infection if you don't wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. Remember, Jerry was the culprit? Anyway, Lab Guy says that in this case, Ben was the culprit. D'oh! They both look embarrassed.

Boies is telling Ollie, Wyatt, Cherry, and Sid about his adventures with Ben in solving the mystery. Wyatt's beeper goes off, and he leave to make a call. Ollie wishes him luck. Boies finishes the story as Max walks in and says he needs to talk to them about something else.

Wyatt calls and gets his wife's father. Child Bride didn't make the page -- Daddy did. Daddy asks Wyatt to stop "pestering" Child Bride. You know the drill -- the calls make Child Bride upset, but Wyatt just wants to talk to his wife. Daddy hangs up on Wyatt.

Wyatt rejoins the other doctors as Max is finishing up. He brings Wyatt up to speed -- Mrs. Porter filed a suit, and Ellyn will be conducting an internal investigation to build the case. Max reassures Wyatt, "All you have to do is tell the truth." Wyatt shoots a look at Boies. Max tells them not to worry -- they're going to win.

Wyatt meets Caitlin on the way out. She's rolling a cigarette. They've both had bad days. Wyatt asks how she knew where he went to school, and Caitlin reveals that they have files on all the doctors. Caitlin used to be a nurse, but she wanted to make more money. She thought her new job would be similar, but it's a whole different world. She doesn't say it, but you know that she hates herself. Wyatt has nowhere to be, and asks Caitlin what she's doing. Ooh, Wyatt. Getting some action.

Ben talks to Sharon, who has stabilized. He tells her that she'll be okay.

Ben gets on the elevator with Boies. He tells Boies a story about his military brother-in-law, who always said that good things were "outstanding." Boies guesses that Ben thinks his work on the bacteria case was just that -- outstanding. Boies says that he still has "a few arrows in [his] quiver." Ben smiles and gets off the elevator. Boies smiles. Nice moment between those two.

Max and Ben meet up as they are exiting their offices. Max is psyched that they found the cause of the infections. Ben says that he still has a few arrows in his quiver. Wherever did he get that phrase? Max tells him about the Porter suit. Ben doesn't think that Mrs. Porter wants money or an apology anymore. Max says that she wants to hurt them. Ben realizes that to defend themselves, they have to go to war. Both men sigh and walk out.

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Gideon's Crossing




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