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Boies gets back

Sid is complaining to Cherry about how they win this battle and get no gratitude. Cherry is worried that Gideon hates him. Sid is sure that if Gideon hated Cherry, the only means of identification would be "dental records and DNA." Sid wants to go out and celebrate their victory over "the big, bad microbe." Cherry claims a headache until Sid says that he'll pay. They banter their way out.

Wyatt is lying in bed when his answering machine picks up. The outgoing message is still him and his wife. Wyatt listens to the message -- it's Child Bride, and her father shouldn't have said what he did, and Wyatt should call her. In the background, we see Caitlin in the bathroom. She walks into the bedroom and lies down on the bed next to Wyatt, smiling. Oh, Wyatt. You are in big trouble.

Next week: Well, it doesn't really matter, and here's why. Although I've really enjoyed talking to you guys on the forums, if you've been there, you know that there are only a handful of us. It's a good show, but it doesn't have a big enough following on the site to justify continuing the recaps, so this is the last one. We can still discuss in "Other TV Talk," because I'll probably continue watching, as long as the show continues! Thanks to all who read and posted in the forums. ["Give the little lady a hand, people. Great job, Kim." -- Sars]

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Gideon's Crossing




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