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Pissing Match

Stiles is trying to get Ollie to participate in the holiday show. Stiles wants Ollie to play a virgin. Ollie refuses. Stiles says that Sid is doing it, and Sid sounds surprised to hear this. Stiles offers to cover his next three nights on call. Sid agrees. Stiles asks him to get Ollie involved. Sid doesn't think it's likely.

Wyatt's car won't start. Child Bride gripes that it's not Christmas in this city, but it would be in Wyoming. Wyatt says they can't afford to go, and Child Bride says that her dad would buy them tickets. Child Bride brings up the whole "sit home alone all the time while her husband works" thing again. She comes up with a plan to make it work, given that he only has Christmas Day off, but Wyatt doesn't want to spend all his vacation time on a plane. While I appreciate the sentiment, he could make an effort to save his marriage. I'm just sayin'. ["Or Child Bride could get a job. Just throwing that out there." -- Sars] Child Bride says she's going regardless.

Ben sees Califano in the cafeteria, and sits with him. Ben tells him about Buscemi. Califano talks about the slides, but Ben expresses doubts and wonders if the transplant is necessary. Ben goes over all the risks. Califano runs the odds, which are basically none. Ben thinks they should wait. Califano says they're doing the marrow transplant. Uh-oh! Pissing match!

Stiles is after Cherry to be in the show. Cherry doesn't want "the Jew slot." Stiles asks if there's something he will do. Cherry says he'll do a magic act. Oh, I can't wait for this one. Stiles asks him to include the Hanukkah story in his act. Cherry will try to "work something into the patter."

Buscemi shows up as Ben is leaving for the day. They go back to Ben's office. Buscemi asks if Califano is wrong. Ben says they look at the data and see different things. Ben wants to wait and do more tests. Buscemi is sick of waiting, and sick of tests, because he doesn't have much time left. He wants to address this. Ben goes over the risks of a transplant again, emphasizing that it is "very, very tough," and while Buscemi might live, he might wish that he hadn't. Buscemi is discouraged. Ben asks how old the universe is. Buscemi says that there are differing theories, and you figure it out by doing experiments and testing hypotheses. Ben proposes they do that with Buscemi's disease, going to the chalkboard and making like John Madden.

Wyatt is asking Boies for some time off. Boies isn't going for it. Wyatt plays the "marriage trouble" card. Boies guesses that Child Bride wants Wyatt to make a choice, and it's "an old story." Wyatt says that it's "still [his] life and [he] still has to deal with it." Wyatt tells Boies to forget it. Boies says that he's already made his choice, and his wife wants him to take it back. He gives Wyatt three days if he can find someone to cover. Wyatt says he doesn't want it badly enough to owe Boies like that. Boies chuckles and says Wyatt really doesn't want it. Ah, Boies. Wise like Solomon.

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