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Ben looks in on Califano talking to Buscemi. Boies gives Ben the rundown on Buscemi's condition. Ben asks why he wasn't called when Buscemi was admitted. Boies says that he's Califano's patient. Ben says that Buscemi is on his watch too, and it's Boies's job to know that. Ooh, Ollie better move over in that doghouse and make room for the Chief.

Ben walks into Buscemi's room as Califano is telling him that they found a donor match. Ben says they should talk in his office, but Califano wants to do it in front of the patient. Ben gives him the Braugher stare, and then admits that the donor match they have is "insignificant." They argue over the significance, and Ben says he wants to continue his course of experiments. Califano accuses Ben of just wanting to finish his tests. Califano says there are too many chefs, and Buscemi has to choose. Buscemi picks up a whiteboard and writes, "Odds?" Califano says that with the transplant, the odds are not great, but without the transplant, the odds are zero. Hard decisions have to be made. Buscemi holds the board up to Ben, who says he can't run odds on a mystery, and sometimes the hardest decision is to do nothing. Buscemi writes on his whiteboard, "Go Away," and holds it up to both men. Califano pauses on the way out and says, "Let the nurses know if you have any questions." After he leaves, Ben adds, "Whatever you decide, you have hope." Buscemi holds up the "Go Away" sign again, so Ben leaves.

Outside, Califano tells Ben that he's been "working this patient for the last six weeks," and accuses Ben of taking advantage of Buscemi's fear. Califano thinks if they had done the transplant earlier, Buscemi wouldn't be "in there with a tube down this throat." Ben disagrees, but Califano thinks this is about Ben always being right. He walks away, and Ben sighs. Cut to Buscemi lying in his hospital bed.

Cherry is telling Sid and Ollie that the Bible's coverage of the story of Jesus' birth is remarkably inconsistent. Welcome to Biblical study, Cherry. Sid worries that it's just the three of them. Cherry says he's not doing the Christmas story, so it's really just the two of them. Stiles arrives and starts excitedly handing out props. Ollie asks if it's just the two of them participating. Sid balks at wearing a turban as a Wise Man, because he thinks it will make him look like someone trying to coax a snake out of a basket. Ha! Stiles assures him that it's only one of his roles -- he'll also be the innkeeper's wife. Sid wants Ollie to be the wife, but Stiles explains that Ollie is Mary, and she can't turn herself away. Ollie starts reading her lines aloud, including parts about being a virgin, and says she's "willing to play a virgin" but "not willing to brag about it." She and Sid get up to leave. Stiles protests that "the sentiment has meaning for people." Sid says it's not the sentiment, it's the "prospect of complete humiliation." Stiles explains that she's far from home, and she doesn't know anyone here, and wonders if it's "too much to ask for something familiar, something that feels like home." Ollie looks at Sid, and then says, "Yes." They leave. Then...Max shows up, noting that "a slot has opened in the show." Stiles sighs.

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