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Pissing Match

Ben asks his son about the Christmas boycott. Ben thinks it's because his son misses his mother, but his mother would have wanted her family together. The son thinks Ben is dating someone, and bringing her to Christmas dinner. Ben says he's not dating anyone, or bringing anyone to Christmas. The son thinks that Christmas should be family. Ben asks if this means he will be celebrating, which is too bad, because he gave all his gifts away. A water fight erupts. Ben's beeper goes off.

Ben walks into Buscemi's room. Buscemi writes on his whiteboard, "U R my chef." I'll excuse the Prince-y spelling because, well, he's dying. Maybe. Ben starts explaining the course of treatment he wants to follow, explaining the risk of leukemia. He asks if there are any questions, and Buscemi writes, "Plz don't kill me." Oh, man. Merry Christmas. Ben nods.

Ben is studying a refrigerator in the lab. Lab Guy shows up and tells him that the cultures are still one day short of the incubation period. Ben is anxious to know. Lab Guy emphasizes that looking at the cultures now would contaminate the samples. Lab Guy starts throwing out optional diagnoses, but Ben says that Califano has ruled all of them out. Lab Guy says that maybe Califano is right, and Ben doesn't want to admit it. Ben gets angry and says it's not about ego. He wants an answer. Lab Guy tells him again to wait. Ben starts to leave, but then walks back and wants to open the refrigerator. Lab Guy reminds him that if they contaminate the samples, they'll have to start all over again. Ben says he wants to know, and opens the door.

Cut to Ben writing, "Good news!" on the whiteboard to show Buscemi. Cut to Ben telling Califano the results. Califano admits that Ben was right. Ben says they are both working for the same thing. Califano tells him not to do it again.

Buscemi is about to be discharged. Ben admits that they still don't know what's wrong with him, and he may get sick again. Buscemi asks how he knew what to do. Ben says that he listened to his doubts, and tells Buscemi to go home. Buscemi non-sequiturs about working with a telescope, and being grateful to see things in the sky. Ben tells Buscemi to stop by the holiday show before he leaves.

At said holiday show, some guys in jester/Santa hats play "We Three Kings" on steel drums and bongos. It's actually not bad. Stiles, backstage, thanks them. Cherry walks up with a cape and top hat and asks if Stiles liked his act. Stiles avoids answering, asking where Max is. Cherry keeps bugging her, saying that he turned one candle into eight, because she wanted Hanukkah. I'm so sad that we didn't get to see Cherry's act. Max shows up, wearing a fedora and carrying an amp or something. He walks onstage and does a Sinatra impersonation, singing, "Luck Be A Lady." Oh, God. Now I've got David from Real World's "Come On, Be My Baby Tonight" stuck in my head. Anyway, Max is a great singer. Stiles and Boies are surprised.

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