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We see a nurse writing names on slips of paper and putting them in a bin of some sort. Fade to Ben and Pasty, waiting in Ben's office for the results of the lottery. Pasty tries to wax philosophical about the whole thing, saying that maybe everything in life is a lottery. When Pasty asks if he believes in God, Ben says yes. Pasty asks if Ben could believe in a God that leaves everything up to a lottery. Ben replies that the God he believes in doesn't leave it up to him. Pasty considers this. Awkward Pause. Awkward Pause. Finally, the phone rings. Ben answers it and doesn't smile or look happy, so I guess we know that Pasty didn't get in. Pasty looks like he's about to vomit. Ben tries to spin it, but Pasty can't believe that his life adds up to "a piece of paper some nurse left in a hat." Pasty starts to beg Ben to let him "come in after hours," asking, "Don't I count? Why don't I count for more than a piece of paper some nurse left in a hat?" Ben tries to calm him down, but Pasty starts yelling "No!" repeatedly and then sinks back into his chair. God, this episode is a downer. What's going to happen next week, dead babies?

The patients in the trial are getting their drugs as Pasty scarily looks on from outside. Fade to Boies examining Pasty as they discuss the fact that Pasty has some side effects from his drugs. Pasty asks why they call Boies "the Chief," and Boies says that he's Chief Resident. Pasty reveals that he was in the Marines, and when Boies says he doesn't look like the Marines type, Pasty launches into a long story about his high-school girlfriend who wouldn't put out. On his birthday, she took him into the basement and kissed him and then left. High School Pasty thought he would rub one out so that he could last longer during the sex that was about to happen. Suddenly, the lights come on and his friends and family were all there for his surprise birthday party, so he enlisted the next morning. Hey, that was even funnier the first time I read it on the Internet. Such an urban legend. Pasty starts to ruminate on how great his friends and family are, and how good they have been to him. He finally intones, "I have had a good life. I wouldn't do one thing different." How does that fit in with the story he just told?

Sid and Ollie are in a drugstore. Sid is whining about his bad date. Ollie compares dating to "a la carte" and marriage to "prix fixe." With dating, you can have one guy to talk to, one guy to take you to nice restaurants, one guy who's intellectually challenging, one guy who's a shoulder to cry on, and one guy for sex. Or you could find those things in yourself and your friends (well, except the sex part). But why can't Ollie take herself out to a nice restaurant, or find ways to intellectually challenge herself? I'm just saying. Something about the characterization of Ollie thus far is rubbing me the wrong way. Sid wants to know which guy he is. Ollie says that he's a great guy, as Sid spots his date down the aisle. Ollie drops her shopping basket, pushes Sid down, hops on top, and starts kissing him. The Date walks by and says, "Sid?" Sid looks at her while Ollie kisses his neck. After she passes, Ollie sits up and says the Date will be "up all night wondering what she missed" and she can "go suck an egg." Suck an egg? Sid looks dazed as Ollie picks up her basket and walks off.

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