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Curing Cancer

Ben sees Max in the parking garage. Ben says he was meaning to talk to Max, and in response to Ben's query Max says that the study is going fine. Ben says it's "stupid" that they're not talking. Max reveals that the board is "breathing down [his] neck" because the technology is not bringing in patients. They have to fill the beds, and the board ate up the news of the clinical trial. Ben says he should've talked to Max instead of "flying off the handle." Max says that his contract is coming up. Ben didn't know Max was under this kind of pressure. Max is worried that he'll be fired, because he loves his job. Ben just stares and feels like an ass, which has been most of his role this week. Then, he tells Max that the drugs aren't working.

Classroom. Sunlight filters in. Ben gives his usual moralizing speech to the students about how hope sustained him while he spent so much time working on this drug. While Ben talks, we see the four clinical trial patients walking out of the hospital. Ben says that hope might not have helped these patients, but he can't live without hope. We see Pasty take the Blue Oxford of Plot Advancement out of the closet. He tries it on. It buttons just fine.

Pasty shows up for his appointment with Ben and apologizes for missing some appointments. Pasty says he is feeling better -- no more fever, sleeping through the night. Ben tells Pasty that the clinical trials have failed, so he won't be able to give him the drug. Ben struggles to tell Pasty how disappointed he is. Pasty takes the news rather well. Pasty takes off his jacket to reveal that he's wearing the Blue Oxford of Plot Advancement, and tells Ben that it's the shirt he couldn't button before. Ben starts a physical exam. There's so much sunlight coming in the window that I can barely see the room. Ben says that Pasty's neck, spleen, and liver feel normal. Ben says they have to get x-rays, but it appears that Pasty's cancer is gone. Ben and Pasty beam at one another. Pasty is not so Pasty anymore. Pasty thinks that God has a sense of humor. Ben says that if Pasty had won the lottery, he would have died by now, so Pasty was chosen to live. Wow, Pasty is looking about a hundred percent better in terms of skin color. Pasty wonders why he was chosen and not the others. Ben says, "This is bigger than me." Well, it's nice to know he can finally admit that he's not God. I will submit that Andre Braugher is an acting god, but Gideon is not God.

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