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Sid is examining a young man who is having a coughing fit. Sid holds up a little cup, and Young Man expectorates into it. Ew. Sid examines the result, and Young Man tells him it's "gross." Sid asks about Young Man's parents, who are apparently "around," and then says Young Man has pneumonia and will be transferred to City Hospital. Young Man does not want to go City Hospital, because he was "told to go to" Metropolitan General. When Sid asks about insurance, Young Man says, "It's taken care of." There's some back-and-forth over how Young Man is supposed to know when Sid is asking a question, because his voice doesn't go up at the end, and Young Man was told not to answer any questions. Sid looks at him.

Sid and Boies are walking down the hall. Sid is giving the bullet on Young Man, whose pneumonia started out as a cold, and outlines the treatment. Boies tells him, "You're all over this, little man!" and says that Sid might make chief resident in a year. Sid wants nothing to do with it, but Boies points out that it would give him honor, which equates to respect. Sid would rather finish up at the hospital and start making money, because he thinks money is respect. Boies tells him it's not. Sid thinks maybe "money is chicks." Boies says he has money, and no chicks. Wait, he has money? I thought the whole reason Sid didn't want chief resident is because there's no money. Yet Boies, chief resident, has money. Is he independently wealthy? His coat is awfully nice. Aw, who knows?

Wyatt is on the phone, whispering completely disgusting "widdle honey bear"-type sweet nothings -- to his wife, we presume. Boies walks into the office and hears the embarrassing love talk. Wyatt notices Boies and gets off the phone. Boies complains that Wyatt is sitting in his chair. Wyatt says he was "just warming it up for [him]" and explains that his wife is in Germany for the week. Boies makes a big production out of not being able to sit in the chair until it cools off, as Wyatt continues to make excuses about how his wife went to Wiesbaden to visit her best friend in the Army. Boies thinks Wyatt should be worried, since "there's more sex going on in the Army than any other realm of American life." Wyatt clarifies that his wife is visiting "her best girl friend," but Boies counters that there are "all kinds of sex" (to which I say, don't ask, don't tell), and while "the cat's away, the mice will play." Wyatt points out that in his case the cat, who is away, is also the one who will play. Boies says Wyatt is "banned from the phone," and Wyatt says, "Don't get mad at me because you mangled a proverb." The chair-banning escalates to two weeks, plus banishment from coffee, as Wyatt continues to argue. Wyatt says he'll drink the nurses' coffee, which Boies points out costs money. Wyatt takes off to find some coffee with money in hand. Boies sings out after him, "Be all that you can be." Don't these people have lives to save or something? I enjoy the banter as much as the next viewer, but what was the point of that scene really? I guess to establish that Wyatt's wife is in Germany.

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