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Ben is talking to some guy, probably the Chief of Urology. That's what I'm going to assume, since they're discussing the results of Sonny's tests. Urology Chief confirms that Sonny has cancer, and surgery is the best option. He bases this diagnosis on "the art of the finger," which is really more information than I needed about Sonny's exam. Ben questions the surgery route, and asks about sexual function after surgery. Urology Chief explains that the studies define sexual function as "sufficient to achieve penetration" and likens it to "stuffing a pillow through a mail slot." Again, imagery I really didn't need. Ben doesn't know how he's supposed to advise Sonny about his options when the numbers are so vague. Urology Chief says that this is a common problem, but no one talks about it. Urology Chief also says that the wives tend to choose surgery, and the subsequent loss of sexual function, because they want their husbands around and the sex part "doesn't matter." Urology Chief cracks that sex "only makes the world go 'round," and walks off. Hey, I like Urology Chief. I hope he shows up again.

Sonny is out on the roof, and Cherry comes out for a smoke. Cherry approaches Sonny, saying he's "one of [Sonny's] biggest fans." Sonny bums a smoke from Cherry, after they both promise not to tell Ben. Cherry starts laying it on thick about Sonny's athletic career, and how much he admires him. Sonny keeps saying he wants to be alone, but Cherry's not getting it, until Sonny busts out with, "Pal, you are so far up my ass, you can't see your shoes." Ha! Cherry walks away, and Sonny apologizes. After some banter about flattery, Sonny tells Cherry that no one is supposed to know that Sonny is in the hospital, but Sonny has an MRI and he needs someone he can trust to answer his phone. Cherry is up for the job, so Sonny hands him the phone and his briefcase and takes off.

Ben and Lab Guy are looking at a picture of Adolf Hitler on a screen. Ben reads the inscription about how Hitler didn't drink alcohol or smoke, and Lab Guy says it's ironic because Hitler was so healthy, and a lot of good it did him. Lab Guy shows Ben the slides of Sonny's cancer, and questions surgery as the best treatment. Ben takes this in, and then tells Lab Guy that the people who donated the lab facility like to stop in every once in a while and they probably wouldn't appreciate the irony of the Hitler picture. Lab Guy gets it.

Wyatt is getting dressed in the locker room -- or dressing room, or whatever it is -- when Ollie walks in. Wyatt observes that they are the two on call tonight. They banter about coffee, and Ollie asks Wyatt to turn his back while she changes. Wyatt says he's "an old married guy" and thus harmless. Ollie retorts that he'd like to think he's harmless, and that she likes to think that he's not. Wyatt is confused. Or aroused. Or something. Stiles comes in and compliments Ollie's tattoos, which causes Wyatt to be even more confused, or aroused, or whatever he is.

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