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Young Guy (Sid's patient from earlier) is crashing. Boies gives some orders, and they start to roll the gurney out of the room. Sid runs in and tells the kid to "hang in there."

Ben is explaining the treatment options to Sonny and his wife, Teddy. Teddy clarifies that both radiation and surgery would cure Sonny, and expresses relief that the cancer is curable. Teddy wants to know which treatment will get Sonny back to work faster. Sonny says there will be "permanent side effects," and Teddy reminds him that they've always dealt with bad news by dusting themselves off and getting back in the race. Ben explains that the surgery would mean a month before he's back to his routine, and radiation would be more long-term. Teddy decides that the surgery is "more definitive," so that's what they're going with. Sonny brings up another alternative that Ben mentioned, the "watching and waiting" approach. Ben explains that they use that approach in England, whereas American treatment tends to be more aggressive. Teddy likens that to "hiding your head in the sand" and asks Sonny if he really wants to run for Senate with this question hanging over his head. Sonny says he hasn't decided whether or not to run, and outlines some other possible career moves. Teddy says that people will feel sorry for him, and Sonny says that maybe she could feel sorry for him "for one damn minute!" Ben says they need to focus on the medical issues. Sonny tells him to "cut the damn thing out." Teddy reminds Sonny that in the past, nothing was more important than the race. Sonny says that is true for her, and he realized that just now. Teddy says she had a miscarriage three weeks before Sonny's first big election, and she still went out and campaigned for him. Sonny says that he can't believe she's talking about her sacrifices. Teddy says it's about the two of them, and when Sonny pauses, asks if there's something he wants to tell her. When Sonny doesn't answer, Teddy asks the same question of Ben. Ben offers to leave them alone, and Teddy says there are no secrets between the three of them, and that the issue on the table is whether this surgery will make Sonny impotent. Teddy blurts out that Sonny is seeing another woman. No one says anything. Sigh. Commercial.

Cherry is on Sonny's cell phone, giving guff to some reporter. Ollie comes in and forces him to get off the phone, which Cherry does by pretending he's driving through a tunnel. Ollie is mad that Cherry has a cell phone at all, since they're not allowed in the hospital, and that he is making calls from a patient's private room. Cherry brags about whose phone it is, without actually saying the name. Ollie pulls him up by his nose. Hee! Cherry tells her that her "toughie act" is what keeps the boys away. Ollie leaves.

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Gideon's Crossing




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