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Ben and Sonny are in a bar, talking about Sonny's girlfriend. Sonny says that it's partly about sex, and he never fell for Teddy the way that he's fallen for this girl. Ben says, "Sex isn't love." Sonny replies that "respect, and partnership, and admiration aren't love either." Ben says that sex isn't deep, but Sonny replies that every guy thinks about it every five minutes. Ben clarifies that sex doesn't last, and Sonny brings up that it's especially important when some doctor tells you you're never going to have it again. Ben says he never thought Sonny was that kind of guy, and Sonny explains that the whole thing has been very unreal, and then says that he got his guitar out of the attic recently. Teddy never liked the guitar, because she thought it was "low class." Sonny and Ben sing a little song, and then Sonny says that he wanted to sing to his new girlfriend.

Sid and Boies go to an address Sid has written on a piece of paper. Boies gives Sid the advice, "Charge a gun, run from a knife." Sid knocks on the door and, after some back-and-forth with the gatekeeper, is allowed in. Boies, who the doorman refers to as "the moolie," has to wait outside.

Sid is talking to the man we assume is Lou Peda, played by Jon Polito, a.k.a. Crosetti on Homicide. I guess this was Paul Attanasio's way of making it up to Polito for being written out of Homicide so early on. Anyway, Peda has a lot of birds. A lot. All kinds. Peda really likes the birds. He yells at Sid for eating chicken, because they are birds. Sid asks what Young Guy does for Peda. We now know his name is Howie, but I'm sticking with Young Guy for the sake of consistency. Peda says that Young Guy "helps with the birds."

Sid is talking to Lab Guy about Young Guy's disease, which can apparently only be contracted from handling birds. Lab Guy asks about the bird-handling and Sid changes the subject, because he's afraid of Peda, see.

Boies gives Wyatt guff over having Ollie over for dinner. Boies invites himself over, but Wyatt says he doesn't have enough food, and then says he wouldn't be able to relax. Boies continues to give him shit, because that's what he lives for. This guy needs to get a life. Taking potshots at Wyatt is way too easy. Wyatt gets all indignant and huffs off.

Wyatt is contemplating his beads (what the hell are those things?) as Ollie walks up and says they should have tater tots with their steaks. Wyatt starts to blow her off, but Ollie can't believe it. Wyatt says he didn't know this was such a big deal to her. Ollie says, "You think this is a big deal to me?" and walks away. Wyatt says, "It isn't?" End of scene.

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