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Sonny comes into Ben's office and says that he has decided to wait six months before starting any course of treatment. Ben points out that the cancer could spread, and he wouldn't recommend waiting. Sonny thinks Ben doesn't approve of him, and Ben is all about trying to separate out his personal feelings. Sonny wants it to be simple. Ben says that Teddy's anger comes from her strong belief in Sonny, and how much she doesn't want to lose him. Ben thinks that is love. Sonny looks like he's going to cry.

Ben is lecturing to a class about how what separates humans from animals is a mystery, and how scientists still can't explain everything about the human body. As Ben talks, we see Sonny walking up to a podium to make an announcement. Both Teddy and the reporter girlfriend are there. In class, Wyatt looks over at Ollie, who is looking straight ahead. Cut to Sonny making the announcement that he's not going to run for Senate. Teddy looks disappointed and starts walking out. Sonny goes on to say that all politicians say that they want to spend more time with their family when they are ten points down in the polls, but he really just wants to spend more time with his wife. Teddy stops and looks back. Reporter girlfriend leaves. Sonny says that he needs to repair his marriage, and that Teddy will have to listen to him play the guitar. I kind of feel bad for reporter girlfriend. What a shitty way to find out that your boyfriend is going back to his wife. I mean, she knew he was married and all, but it still kind of sucks. Teddy and Sonny look happy.

Ollie is telling Boies in a bar that she wasn't flirting with Wyatt, that she really just wanted the steaks. Boies isn't buying what she's selling. Ollie says that she's too strong for most men, and they can't stand up to her. Boies scoffs and says that's not what he sees, and then says Ollie will have to buy him a steak to find out what he really sees. Ollie could comb her hair. It's very ratty.

Wyatt is on the phone with his wife, saying that everything about the city is so new. His final words are, "Of course, I love you."

Next week: It looks like Sid makes a mistake that causes a patient to die, and Sid and Boies have to answer about it to Ben.

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