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The Way

Ollie and Sid banter (see?) about his date last night, and if Ollie left any food for him. She left chili on the stove -- the same chili Sid made two nights ago. Haven't these people heard of refrigeration, for God's sack? They're doctors -- they should know the dangers of bacteria. Ollie walks off while telling Sid they could use some milk. Boies walks up and says to Sid, "You reject a man's chili, you reject the man." I really don't get the relationship between Sid and Ollie. They're roommates. He has a crush on her? She's not interested? I need some backstory, people!

Ben tells his administrative assistant that she should cancel the ethics committee meeting. There's banter. She cancels it.

Ollie is treating a middle-aged gentleman who is suffering from fatigue, headaches, and itching. He also comes home "so grouchy, [his] wife is ready for a divorce." Ollie says that will never happen, since a woman knows a good thing when she sees one. Wyatt looks up, startled. Is Ollie flirting with the guy? Is Wyatt jealous? Damn it, I'm not used to subtlety! Ollie hears a "slight wheeze" in his lungs, and the guy says it's been happening "since they moved us into that new building." I think this guy is supposed to have a Bostonian accent, but it's not working. It fades in and out. Ollie exchanges a look with Wyatt and notes the building information on the chart.

Ben meets with Becky's Tao healer. Ben tries to intimidate him with his (admittedly impressive) credentials. Tao Healer muses that if he hadn't gone to India, he'd be in Ben's spot right now. Tao Healer went to India as an undergrad, and when he got back, he withdrew all his medical school applications. Ben says India has "a shortage of doctors" and Tao Healer says the U.S. has too many, and that he's always "contending with the failures of doctors." Ben asks if Becky is a doctors' failure. Tao Healer says that Becky is "so much more than her illness," and Ben counters, "Not if it kills her, she isn't." Tao Healer tries to drop some non-science on Ben, who thinks Becky's cancer needs to be treated aggressively. Tao Healer offers, "The healer unifies. The physician divides." Ben replies, "And the quack?" Whoo! Ben, don't hold your tongue or anything. Tao Healer protests that his master's is from Yale, and that he is a licensed psychologist. Ben threatens to get his license pulled for a lot of big words that boil down to "quackery." Tao Healer says he listens to Becky. More banter about Eastern versus Western medicine. Ben wants Tao Healer to tell Becky to accept medical treatment. Tao Healer doesn't tell Becky what to do. Ben says that he knew if he pushed Becky too hard, he would scare her off, so he's trying to scare Tao Healer off instead. Ben ends the meeting with a threat. Hmm, maybe not so wise.

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