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The guy who played Hubby on Freakylinks last week is a patient now. What, do these people follow me around? I'm getting a complex here. Anyway, he's having a penis problem. Apparently, he has an erection. All of the time. For two weeks. So, he is christened Boner Guy. He won't let Wyatt examine him, and he wants to see a specialist. Wyatt tries to figure out if it's physical or psychological, but Boner Guy won't let him look. Wyatt suggests "draining the blood with a needle," and, well, you can imagine what Boner Guy's response is to that.

Ollie is telling Boies that her middle-aged patient reminds her of her father. She suspects sick building syndrome, even though all of the tests have been negative. Boies is skeptical, and thinks it's nothing. Ollie feels like she's letting her patient down. Boies jokes that he's disappointed in her empathy. Ollie says her patient is the guy who takes your picture at the DMV. Boies cracks that he "deserves to die." Nice.

Ollie runs into the lab and asks Sid for a favor. He's having none of it. She brings up some sort of "candy striper" incident, and Sid denies any knowledge of what she is talking about, repeating, "Nothing happened." And yes, there is bantering. Now we know where all of the writers for Sports Night went when that show got cancelled. If there were any writers besides Aaron Sorkin. Anyway, Ollie finally says, "She wrote you a letter," which gets Sid's attention. Apparently he gave the candy striper Ollie's name, and she wrote a letter. Anyway, Ollie wants her patient's blood tested for some specific bacteria, and she doesn't want to wait three weeks. Sid does it. Montage of medical lab equipment. Yes, it's fascinating. And a nice break for my wrists.

Ben asks his assistant if Becky rescheduled her appointment, and the assistant reveals that Becky is going to find another doctor. Ben heaves a heavy sigh and quotes Shakespeare, "'Now boast thee death, in thy possession lies a lass unparalleled.'" Hey, I think I want someone to say that at my funeral. Someone make a note of that. Although hopefully I won't die at a point when I could still be called a lass. The assistant notes that Ben is "very defeatist," and Ben says sadly that he is "just getting warmed up."

Becky pours paint into little cups at her preschool. Ben comes in and offers her a muffin, which she refuses because of the fat content. She goes on to say that she is actually busy, even though it may not look like much. Ben came there to apologize, and he sits and start pouring paint, which he apparently does wrong, as Becky grabs it away from him. I'm not sure how you could pour paint incorrectly, and Becky doesn't tell us. Ben wants to know what he did wrong. Not about the paint, about being her doctor. Becky says he's "not listening" to her. Hmm, seems to be somewhat of a theme this week, no? Doctors don't listen. Ben thinks that by "listen," Becky means "agree." Ben wants to help her continue her work with the children. Becky says that chemotherapy didn't help her mother or her aunt, and it gave her some terrible side effects. Ben talks about how he is a scientist, and also that he's "not [her] other doctors." Becky says that scientists should be open-minded. Before Ben can conjure up some more banter, the children arrive.

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